Jordan 12 January 2018 Rick Grimes Evolution

Jordan Phillips

English comp 1

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Character Evolution

12 January 2018

Rick Grimes Evolution

            In The Walking Dead, the main character
Rick Grimes started as a steady sheriff deputy who was shot in the line of duty
and woke up in a whole different world where the dead were still living. He had
no choice but to adapt in this new world, this new world of the undead
transforms Rick into a cold hearted cold hearted individual.

Throughout the first season of the
walking the dead, rick is being introduced to how things are in this new world.
Still holding on to his innocence, he believes that the realm could go back to
the way things were. In season two his own partner tried to kill him and take
over as the leader of their group. Rick had no choice but to kill his best
friend. Doing so, started a chain of events that Rick new was going to change
his life forever. In season three after rick loses his wife after giving birth
to his daughter, his demeanor and aspect on the world changes. Slowly throughout
season three and four he becomes more cold-hearted. He develops irrational
tendencies and becomes more violent. When rick meets another villain called the
governor, the innocent Rick that Walking Dead fans came to know and love now no
longer exist. The governor took his friends/family hostage and killed two of
them. He felt he needed to act with aggression and fury. If this was the rick
in the first season; he would have acted more calmly and developed some sort of
a plan to rescue everybody without any casualties; but the way there world is
now, it’s either killed or be killed. At this point in the show sheriff Rick
Grimes the good cop no longer exist. His new mindset is to stay alive at all
cost no matter what it takes. What lead him to this point was the loss of many
loved ones. In the matter of three seasons rick has been through so much. Even
though he is a fictional character that type of trauma is still a lot. Later
throughout the seasons you can tell rick is has no sympathy and emotion. In one
episode, rick and his group was got into an altercation with some bystanders.
With no thought or remorse rick decides to kill them all and take their
belongings. In this domain where zombies exist it’s all about survival of the
fittest. In conclusion the main character Rick Grimes developed for the worst.
After waking up from his coma he came into a world where being compassionate
and kindhearted doesn’t exist anymore. Rick always tried to do the right thing
but failed. Because of his failure, rick started to change for the worst.
Losing his wife, killing his best friend, and losing his close friends made him
change. He became emotionless and started to only care for himself. The sheriff
rick grimes who always tried to do the right thing no longer exist in the world
of the walking dead.