Juno Short Review Essay

Juno Introduction: This review is about a movie called Juno. It was written by Diablo Cody and Directed by Jason Reitman. Juno was released in September 2007, it is 96 minutes long and the language of the movie is English. It has a broad audience, but the audience has to be open minded. Most people from 12 to 50 would probably find it entertaining. Description: When Juno MacGuff finds herself pregnant with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker’s baby, she has some tough choices to make. She decides to give away the baby to a perfect family.

Her fantasy shatters when the husband, Mark Loring of her dream family, leaves his wife, Vanessa Loring. She again has to decide what to do. In the end Vanessa, who is as close to being a perfect mother as you can get, gets to adopt the baby. Juno, pleased to find her baby surrounded by such love, finally acknowledge her love for Paulie Bleeker and they get together. Evaluation: I think Juno is an interesting movie. It seems very raw, though humorous with it’s innovative way of presenting teen pregnancies. It has some very loveable and easily understandable characters.

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Even though you never had the same difficulties as Juno, her straightforward attitude makes it easy to put yourself in her place. The movie also has some interesting graphic features. I especially like the start where it changes from drawing to reality. Conclusion: All together a very good movie, not exceptional, but definitely not just a plain good movie. It is unlike many other American movies, which means that some people will like and some will not. Personally I like it, though it is not the first movie I would bring forward, at a movie night.