Kristan January 2018 How to launch a

Kristan Gaddis

Prof. Pounds

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Comp II

26 January 2018

to launch a successful blog

            The internet world is growing more and more successful each
day. There is a large growing amount of individuals that are reaching out into
the exciting world of blogging for personal pleasures but also for profit. Setting
up a professional is hard but due able. Most people think that it is extremely
hard but if you have a few simple things already ready to go, for example what
you want your theme to be and the framework of what you are about it will go
smoothly. On the down side if you want to have a detailed successful blog page
there are many steps you have to follow, it’s very time consuming but fairly

            When you are starting a blog, there are two things you
have to decide. One, what domain the user would want to use. Which means, your
URL name, which is how the readers find the blogger to read what they have to
say. Two, is to pick the bloggers web host. Web host provide the online storage
that all bloggers need. The web host is an online service that stores the
blogger’s work also allows the reader to access all the writings. When making a
blog they have free web host which most people would say that it is not
reliable, to have a good and reliable web host you’re going to have to pay.
Bluehost is the best one to use the have 24/7 service support through cell
phone or online chat, but with all those perks there’s a down side it on the
expensive side, but it’s worth the pay.

            Second, you have to choose the theme that you are wanting
to base your blog on. When you are wanting to attract readers. A good theme
gives you the look and feel the blogger wants, allowing the blogger to make
his/her page exactly how they want it. A theme has two parts: the framework which
are the bones of the page and the child theme which is the beauty of it. There
are many word press themes on the market, but most people would recommend
Genesis. It is the first half of designing your theme. Child theme deals with
what’s after the Genesis framework, which is the blog design. You can pick and
choose your own designs that’s right for yourself and your theme.

            After designing your blog next you can set a free
Feedburner account so that your readers subscribe to your blog via email. This
notifies the readers when the blogger has a new blog uploaded. The more
subscribers you have the more successful your blog is getting. Also, you can
create an Google Analytics. This tracks your stats of your blog page. It tells
you how many people read your blog day by day and how many people visited your
website. With this you can also track how many people like and dislike your

            Next, you need to design and logo that will attract
readers to your page. You want the logo to represent what you and your page is about
and what defines your page. The next step is actually writing, some people have
trouble with this. Some don’t know what to write about because they don’t know
what will attract reads. In reality you can’t please everyone, some will like
and dislike your blog. So, when trying to decide what to write about think
about your unique strengths. For example, if you’re a really good photographer
you could incorporate your photos into your blog or maybe artistic writer, that
has a language and style that creates delight. Your blog should be about what
you want it to be not what you think other will like. Blog in a way that makes
your asset the center of the value people can receive from your blogs.

            After posting a few blogs readers have created
expectations of when you are likely to post again. This is referring to
consistency, when your readers know that you post on a certain day they will be
expecting a new blog on that day every week. The more consistent you are the
more readers you will get because others will start reading it each week and
then go tell their friends about and you audience keep growing. This also means
you have to consistent on how you write and what you share. The audience share
and bring attraction to blogs that consistently bring what they want to read
about. Also keep in mind your blog won’t be instantly be a hit, it will take
time to build up a consistent audience. The more consistent you are the more
the audience will be too.

            After you write your blog for the week or day you need
stop for a minute and do a bit of keyword research. To attract the audience,
you need a catchy title that will draw them in and make them want to read the
blog. Also, you could have visuals of maybe something to do with the topic you
are writing about. Also, plan for how you are going to promote your blog before
you actually press publish. After you have already published your blog go on
social media platforms and promote it and engage with your fans and audience.
For example, tweet them and let them know that you know they are there and
supporting you and thank them. By responding the behavior, you hope to see from
your audience, you’re setting a tone and building a connection with them and
they can be more significant to you and your blog.

            If you are wanting to start making money by blogging,
there are many different methods in this blogging world. The most effective
ounces are running ads. Which means businesses are sponsoring you to promote
their company or a certain product. You usually promote it on your page and in
your blog. To promote the ad on you page you have the ad on the page where it
is noticeable and a link to the products website. You might ask how get
advertisers to sponsor you blog. There is a program called Google Adsense,
Google has connections with hundreds of advertisers and they will sponsor you
blog if you put their advertisement on your page. There are many other
different ways to make money with your blog but this one is the easiest and
quickest. As you have read there are many steps to having a successful blog but
it’s not hard to create if you have enough patients to actually start it. As you
can see there are many advances to blogging. You are being introduced to this growing
industry. Also, you are being introduced to people who love what you are writing
about and that share the same values as you do.