Larry Page Essay

“Many leaders of big organisations, I think, do not believe that change is possible. But if you look at history, things do change, and if your business is static, you are likely to have issues” – Larry (Lawrence) Page

Co- Founder & CEO of Google Inc

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DOB: 26 March 1973; East Lansing, Michigan US
Nationality: American
Residence: Palo Alto, California
Post: Co-Founder and CEO of Google Inc
Education: B.Sc. from University of Michigan &
M.Sc. from Stanford University
Awards: Marconi (2004); TR100 (2002)

Establish Google Inc in 1998 with Co-founder Sergey Brin
Run Google Inc. as co-president along Brin till 2001
4th April 2011 officially become CEO of Google Inc
Ranking in 20th World’s Billionaires according to the Forbes result April 2013; 13th in richest person in United States net worth calculated in September 2013 Elected to National Academy of Engineering (2004); American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2005)

Larry Page in another context or organisational setting

Although Larry page has successfully led Google, would he be able to retain effectiveness if he is transferred to another industry? For example, in the automobile organisation such FORD.

There was time when ford was in trouble its production facilities were outmoded and cost were too High, but Using dramatic transformational leadership approach Alan Mulally the CEO managed to transformed ford into healthiest of the big three U.S automaker.(Terry ,Organisational Behaviour)

Larry page style and Ford:
Larry page has also adopted TRANSFORMATIONAL APPROACH which has made Google Inc. one of the successful companies in internet services in the world. By using the same approach he can be able to run ford successfully because transformational leadership approach has been proved very successful for ford just like Google.

?Innovative and creative
FORD is a fast moving organisation which encourages continuous innovation. Larry page always brought new ideas in his organisation as well as encouraging his employees to develop products and services that are 10% better than their competitors and motivated them to explore the edges of what’s technically possible.

Google launched its own version of an ISP service—laying its own fibre and providing broadband service to Kansas City customers at 100 times the industry-standard speeds. Google glass and the self-driving car are other examples of great innovation. (

?Risk Taking
Without risk, there can never be great rewards. The organisation like FORD needs massive initial investment which involves higher risk, so the leader must be able to assess the risk and reward related to investment. Larry page is an educated risk taker since he established Google by using his credit card and family borrowings (feeling