Lifestyle and Cuisine of Russia Essay


Russian lifestyle is dependent on their income level, just as here in the U.S. The poor spend their time fighting for survival and spend their days selling belongings as well as their goods on the street.

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Most men believe they should be allowed as many mistresses as they want, which they are emotionally and physically abusive. Infidelity is common. Sleeping around is kind of an honor for men. Women outnumber men so a guy could easily find somebody for a relationship.

Russians get married at an early age; as early as 18-22 because most do not really care about making a career and being independent. Young couples get full financial support from their parents until the children themselves, are elderly.

Russia has the highest education level in the world. They have an extremely high literacy rate. More than 99 percent of the population over the age of 15 is literate. So having a university or college degree is quite common, as well as having a Ph.D, and doesn’t give you a big advantage.


Although not making it big here in the states, Russian cuisine is described as “divine” by many and is filled with varieties of flavors. The foundations were laid by the peasant food of the rural population in a quite often harsh climate.

Added to most Russian dishes you could expect to find Smetana, which basically in English, is sour cream. It goes with foods such as crepes, in soups, and sometimes desserts. It’s often fresh and melts into a warm dish adding to their distinctive flavors.

Russiky Standart, or Russian Standard Vodka is the alcoholic beverage of choice. There are many varieties of Russian Vodka available. You might even be pressed to drink vodka upon entering a home as a guest. Beer in Russia is also very popular.

Shchi, which is cabbage soup, has been served as the predominant first course in Russian cuisine for over a thousand years. This dish knowns no social class boundaries, as the rich may use richer ingredients, and the poor making it solely of cabbage and onions, it is always cooked in the same tradition. Most people eat it daily and never get sick of it!