Macbeth Summary Essay Research Paper Act VLady

Macbeth Summary Essay, Research Paper

Act V

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Lady Macbeth is traveling huffy ; a physician has been employed to watch over her full clip. Lady Macbeth has been seen somnambulating, ever with a taper in manus, she so writes on paper, and locks it off. The nurse garbages to reiterate what she has heard so she makes the physician remain up and see for himself. When the physician sees her, he states that there is nil that he can make, and that they should watch her even more closely, for she may be self-destructive. In the following scene, Menteith, Caithness, Angus, and Lennox ; Scots Lords are on their to Birnam Wood near Dunsinane to fall in with the English forces and their leaders, Malcolm, Macduff and Siward. They are each prepared to decease for their causes. Back at Dunsinane Castle, everyone has deserted Macbeth but his retainers, who are forced to remain. He receives the intelligence that the forces are on their manner to assail. Macbeth is still pretty intimate for her knows that he will non be killed by anyone being born of adult females, he reassures that by retrieving that he is non to worry until the Burnam Woods acquire up and wal

k towards his castle. The Scottish and English army has come together and they decide to each cut down a branch and carry it with them, while they march to Dunsinane. In the mean time, Macbeth is still confidant that his castle will be fine. Later on he hears that his wife has killed herself. Then a messenger comes to tell Macbeth that it looked like the Birnam Woods are walking towards that castle. On their arrival to the castle, Malcolm orders the soldiers to throw down their camouflage of branches and to start their fighting. The next scene takes place on the battlefield, Macbeth feels very scared, yet still is holding on to the third prophecy. He has an easy victory over young Siward and that boosts his confidence. Meanwhile, Macduff is looking around for Macbeth. Finally, the two meet. Macbeth does not want to fight anymore, he feels very bad for all ready have killing so many people. At this point he is positive that he will not be killed. Then Macduff reveals that he was born by caesarian section and thus he was not technically born of women. He still refuses to yield, and this time he fights to the end.