Macro Environmental Forces On Credibility Of Commonwealth Games Tourism Essay


This study addresses the possible impact of macro-environmental forces on the credibleness of late conducted common wealth games at New Delhi. The study covers about the hereafter strategic selling tools which should be used for future commonwealth featuring events. The organizing issues along with proficient, security, conveyance and direction issues associated with the last commonwealth programme is discussed in the study with mention to given instances in press release about the event.As a Developing state India made a best pick for commonwealth 2010 programme, But the administration commission fails to run into certain organizing accomplishments, and criterions throughout the event which leads to criticisms.. This booby trap makes issues on Event direction and unfavorable judgment. I had put my attempts in a impulse to fix recommendations as a selling adviser appointed by Indian commonwealth organizing commission.

Impact of Macro-Environmental Forces on Credibility of Commonwealth games

The factors impacting Marketing environment of an administration or an event direction commission is affected by macro and micro environmental forces. Micro environmental forces are governable to certain extends from Organisation degree where macro environmental forces are non governable from administration context. The administration of commission should necessitate to hold though apprehension of macro -environmental forces to its best degree for the success of event and improved cordial reception. The factors impacting macro-environmental forces are Social, Political, technological, economical, legal, natural forces and demographics of the part where the administration or commission is runing.

Figure 1: Selling Environment ( Beginning: selling instructor )

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The macro environmental factors are called as PESTEL theoretical account. While looking in deepness on this theoretical account based on the context of commonwealth games, the Political factor makes the policy of authorities which is resembled as grade of intercession in the economic system. Political and legal forces can act upon selling determinations by puting the regulations by which concern can be conducted ( Jobber 2007 ) . The political environment provides a great support for common wealth games by supplying tremendous resources and support for the fulfillment of Commonwealth games 2010. The national support from province and cardinal authorities makes a healthy political environment for the event ; the authorities see the success of event as portion of national and political prestigiousness. The deficiency of instant disciplinary steps from authorities takes off the flawlessness of event. The legal model of Indian constituency and its capital metropolis is extremely favorable and supportive to the event. As a hosting state for common wealth games legislator of the state makes a batch a flexible Acts of the Apostless to do substructure and installations for the games small town. No legal Acts of the Apostless or peculiar regulations are framed for pull offing these sorts of big featuring events. Improper security cheques show the misdemeanor of legal processs at the games small town. The cancellation of 2000 jock and official accreditations on the constabulary foray of administration commission shows the misdemeanor of regulations by internal functionaries of administration commission. The deficiency of proper prosecution for legal misdemeanor encourages organizing functionaries to corrupt of stakeholders. The deficiency of security cheque processs in come ining locales caused the strict security cheques on invalid accreditations. The tactic alterations in security steps confused organizers, Judgess and jocks in a wider extend. The last infinitesimal limitation on ‘recall ‘ guns states the illustration of above which leads to re-run the race. The selling of codification of behavior inside the games small town and gallery is non at all established or even managed at the event. The declining witnesss to maintain lull for the start of race shows this issue.

The societal and cultural influences make other singular environmental issues for the organising commission. The demographic factors affects in a wider extend over the commonwealth games. The demographic properties which are growing rate, sex and age distribution, denseness and population, income groups, working groups and other of import factors representing the demographics are ill considered in this event direction. Even though India is 2nd largest populated state and a underdeveloped state every bit good, administration planning governments failed to make full up the galleries throughout the event. If equal selling tools are used, funeral ambiance at galleries can be avoided. The Hosting metropolis New Delhi is the capital of India, where the population is rather high and income and outgo degree of mean population is high comparing to other metropoliss in India. Based on recent study on population age distribution in India Majority of the population is represented by people below 30 old ages age, who were interested to watch the event from galleries. So the Organising commission fails to use these tendencies for the success of event. The cultural factors reflect society ‘s beliefs and values, perceptual experiences, penchants and behavioral norms ( Adcock 2001 ) . India is extremely rich of civilization tradition and national spirit. On Juncture of opening ceremonial event organizers tried to use these factors in certain bound to show a colorful startup minute. The greater extend of cordial reception nature in Indian civilization is non utilized for the event direction which shows the incorrect attitude from security personals towards jocks, Judgess and viewing audiences. Even if it is portion of tight security step, the interest holders and participants experience a threatened atmosphere in games small town. The societal duty of sellers of the event should non run harmonizing to moral doctrines like equity, trust and justness. Denying of justness to witnesss on ticket issue from booths shows the hapless hazard direction or non-availability of mistake replacing systems. India constitutes the biggest multicultural economic system. Integrating this cultural profusion is non utilised in this event direction. The organizational relationship is used in a incorrect convention. The intervention towards transit of event Judgess shows the inappropriate communicating and relationship with internal participants of administration commission. The equity and honestness of president of administration commission, Suresh Kalmadi ‘s confidence provides a smooth flow of the event.

Technological factors play a critical function in these kinds of bigger featuring events. The acceptance of latest engineerings in tendency and use of proficient support and installations form concerned administrations and consultancies will assist to market and set up the absolute purpose of event success. The use of engineering was worse at common a wealth game which shows the late presentment of event consequences. This hold in reassigning of consequences to media shows the uneffective in information handling and in appropriate use of engineering. The crashing down of electronic scoreboard at rugger fantans locale shows the deficiency of standardized wellness and safety cheques security cheque in technology plants. The bad organising accomplishments used are reflected on the mending on running path hours before the race. The bad use of advanced engineering is faced by Ugandan squad of senior functionaries, where they are injured from a fencing device. On other side engineering could be used for advancing the events and make fulling the galleries. The engineering topographic point incorrect impact on witnesss count in gallery, where most of the involvement groups followed to watch through media beginnings. The incorrect information in conditions prognosis makes quandary and affair of confounding in carry oning certain games. The mistake in packaging weigh -in is one of the worst patterns of technological use, which lead to weigh loss programmes for contestants.

Economic factors besides affect common wealth games to certain extend. The slow gait recovery of planetary economic system from recession causes the less attractive force of foreign partisans to watch the game at New Delhi. The recovery phase of planetary economic system puts force per unit area on these partisans to do cut down on their outgos. On other side recession is non affected hard in Asiatic economic systems particularly in India, China and south East Asiatic states. But the organising commissions fail to market the event to these economic systems to pull more viewing audiences for the event at New Delhi. The strength of Indian economic system and lifting stock markets shows internal prosperity of Indian economic system. The organizing commission fails to demo up these advantages to market based on aim of event success.

The deficiency of national experience on managing this sort of large sporting event is reflected across the game program. The menace on security steps on behalf of Mumbai onslaught on 2008 and certain bomb blasts in New Delhi and across the state makes a tight security step for the event. These issues can be resolved through proper strategic readying and execution. The each degrees of undertaking and event direction should be followed with a contrary technology attack. This attack will assist to observe the possibility of mistakes happened and missed on event. The international position on menaces in India affects aliens to watch games live at the games small town. Organisation commission should n’t take any masers to decide these issues of involvement groups. This can be resolved through selling plans through appropriate Medias along with the use of touristry bundles. The PESTEL forces which affects the common wealth game 2010 conducted at New Delhi was forecasted and analysed by administration commit to certain extend. But the realization and proof of each methods and conventions used in the event is non at all verified under a standard step.

Application of Marketing Mix as a strategic tool for future Commonwealth Sporting events

Business administration attempts to do out “ all their activities all people ” . For the intent the designation and analysis of mark markets provides a general foundation and selling mix is developed ( Pride and Ferrell 1989 ) . The selling mix shows the alone equation for a mark market for how to implement their selling schemes for the success of merchandise or event.

Figure 2: Selling Mix ( Beginning: the text works )

The major constituents of marketing mix are merchandise, topographic point, publicity and monetary value. The advanced methods and research on the subject extends the selling mix to 7p ‘s which are people, procedure and physical grounds. The purpose of developing selling mix is to accomplish the complete success of marketing activities sing the merchandise or event. The client satisfaction plays the major function on deliverables of marketing mix. The variables in selling mix are considered as ‘controlled ‘ variables which can be changed to certain extend at any clip.

As a selling adviser in the current context I wish to take part in design of selling mix for upcoming commonwealth games in future. The suggestions for marketing mix along with the concentration on each properties are stated here. As a initial measure of developing marketing mix aggregation of historical informations should be considered. The success and failure factors in old featuring events should be recorded with precedence degrees. The preventative step took for higher degree hazards will be critically analysed for doing a elaborate program. The informations aggregation may include the PESTEL characteristics of past locales and states hosted the games. This can be cross analysed with Hofstede ‘s ( 2003 ) cultural relativity paradigms, which are feminism, Bolshevism, turning away of uncertainness in work, term of committedness and power distance. These paradigms can be implemented with the cultural interface of new locales along with extremist alterations in cultural differences.

The close expression on each properties makes easier occupation for division of labor in developing selling mix. The Product variable represents goods, service or an thought which will be presenting to the client. Her it is a featuring experience which provides an chance for the clients to watch through media or from galleries. The quality of the merchandise is of import in marketing mix in which context the quality and criterion of the event in all facets along with the satisfaction of viewing audiences are considered. The use of technological tools to back up the bringing of featuring events is of import in future event direction system. The development of games small town, quality and truth of processs used in event is each and every action in event direction can better the delivering quality of the merchandise. The satisfied experience of all interest holders in the event is considered in the merchandise variable which includes the viewing audiences, jocks, participants, Judgess and all members of organizing commission along with the proud population of the hosting state. The dissatisfaction of interest holders in 2010 games conducted at New Delhi shows the hapless quality of the merchandise. The merchandise variable can lend a bigger interest in marketing mix on footing of quality of its bringing.

The Promotion variable is the affair of marketing anchor. Here the strategic selling tools of advancing the event are used. Promotion facilitates the exchange of informing one or more groups of people about an administration and its merchandises ( Pride and Ferrell 1989 ) . Promotion increases the public consciousness about the clean event. Common wealth games were carry oning for past eight decennaries ; the planetary population have a general consciousness about the event. Increased consciousness sing the locale, fortes of specific event and interesting characteristics s should be highlighted in publicity scenario. The use of media and engineering plays a critical function along with selling tools. Printing, e-marketing and different synergistic medias should d be used for publicity intent. Clubing circuit bundles in hosting state or to regional topographic points along with watching the event can pull foreign viewing audiences to the event. Thus external gross of the event can be increased. The prognosis of future selling tools through electronic media will assist to cover new tendencies in publicity. As in 2010 commonwealth games societal networking sites like facebook, orkut and chirrup along with electronic mails played a critical function is promotion. Now yearss the publicity makes the subject into treatment and blogging sites were developed to discourse about the different subjects sing this clean event. The conventional publicity tools like telecasting, wireless and printing media can besides be used with appropriate participants. Organizing commission of 2010 commonwealth games fails on certain extend in advancing the event to local and international degrees to pull positions around the Earth.

The monetary value variable is the key of all variables in marketing mix. The clients have to pay for the experience they are having ; the value of the experience should be executable to their fiscal position. Majority of the gallery viewing audiences will be from hosting state itself. So the ticket monetary value of the gallery and different degrees should be low-cost to the demographic income- Expenditure degree of the hosting states economic system. The clients are extremely focused on monetary value, which they expect the value for their money exchange. The pricing methods for different sort of witnesss should be designed upon the overall budget of the event. Apart from single clients, satellite conveying permissions in different parts, outsourcing of different services and other gross bring forthing beginnings should be suitably priced for achieving satisfaction of interest holders. The pricing degrees of 2010 games were really low and it affects the economic advantage of games to hosting state which in bend affects good will of Commonwealth games.

Topographic point variable is a critical factor in selling mix which should be fit for carry oning the event firmly and successfully. For this clean event the fortunes for carry oning all kinds of athleticss in the proposed list should be satisfied. This portion of the selling mix is intelligently handled by group of experts from concerned countries. Out of Different states applied for hosting this clean event for proposed twelvemonth, this commission have the authorization to analyze and make a decision about the locale. The clime, security, substructure, societal credence, civilization, technological handiness and hosting ability of the appliers should be critically evaluated against regulations of common wealth games codification of moralss.

Drawn-out variables in marketing mix were besides considered in modern universe which People variable is a of import affair of consideration. Geting the response from people sing the locale, publicity and pricing of old events will assist in analyzing the public presentation of event direction from hosting states. The consideration of people variable can assist organizing commission to revise their selling schemes and of import determinations sing the event. Blogging web sites and study methods were used to analyze people involvements and responses for future locale choice and other picks for this clean event.

Process variable hits the strength of pull offing each and every procedure in this clean event. The quality of each and every procedure managing for the successful completion of the event should be critically analysed. The criterion of different services including cordial reception will be measured in future.

Physical grounds variable includes the world of presentation in featuring event. The touchable results of the events should be measured along with feedback from interest holders will add up value for marketing mix. Assorted booby traps happened in 2010 common wealth games conducted at New Delhi should be recorded and critically analysed for bar of these of mistakes in future games.

For future games carry oning in Glasgow at 2014 were already moved on with certain phases of marketing mix. The demographic conditions of United Kingdom will assist organisation commission members to present the best clean event of the decennary in its place land. The command procedure for 2018 commonwealth games locale is still traveling on. the major participants are Sri Lanka, Australia, Gold seashore and Hambantota. The Above mentioned standards ‘s can be used for doing up a perfect selling mix for the approaching clean event.

The public presentation of Indian constituency in hosting commonwealth games shows their evident ability to manage the large event. The deficiency of old experience in commanding this kind of multi games featuring event leads to fusss, issues and unfavorable judgment to organizing commission of 2010 common wealth games. Presently the commission is size uping the mistakes happened from their experience and taking g restorative and legal steps against those who are responsible for the cause of failure. As India is developing economic system with a immense population, the state can be considered for 2022 common wealth games with more restricted restraints. From the cognition acquired from above study I hope that India can develop a perfect selling mix for approaching athleticss events.


The importance of PESTEL and Marketing mix in managing commonwealth games is discussed in this study along with the suggestion for future events.