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Magic Johnson Essay, Research Paper

The L.A. Lakers in the 1980 s were a hoops human dynamo with family names such as James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kurt Rambis who would doubt it. They had category and displayed it on the tribunal. Kareem could draw up for his patented sky hook, they could serve to Worthy for the stuff shot and Rambis could draw down a recoil, but without a certain Magic there would be no beginning in L.A. A certain immature participant who had it wholly, a brassy smiling and a great no expression base on balls. That certain participant was a true point guard, Earvin Johnson Jr. There are five charming parts to Earvin Johnson Jr. s life.

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On August 14, 1959 in Lansing, Michigan, Christine and Earvin Johnson gave birth to their 3rd kid, a beautiful babe male child named Earvin Jr. Earvin Jr. was born into the center of a household of seven kids. Quincy, Larry and Pearl were older and Kim and the twins, Evelyn and Yvonne were younger. This whole household squeezed into three little sleeping rooms and one bathroom. The topographic point turned into a existent Bedlam before school every forenoon, when we all lined up to utilize the bathroom. You learned to be speedy. said Earvin one time. ( Johnson, p.4 ) Both of Earvin s parents played high school hoops. Earvin played hoops a clump with his older brother Larry. ( Brenner, p.44 ) Earvin would wake up early and play hoops before school started. Peoples thought I was brainsick, Earvin remembered. It would be seven-thirty and they d be traveling to work and state, There s that brainsick June Bug, hoopin. ( Lovitt, p.5 ) June bug was what many people called him, but his parents called him Junior and his friends called him E.J. ( Johnson, p.4 ) When it snowed Earvin would travel out and shovel the tribunal. Earvin meet Jay Vincent, a kid the same age of Earvin, who displayed the same love for hoops. The two became best friends. ( Brenner, p.44 )

Earvin was suppose to travel to Sexton High, but since of busing Earvin was forced to travel to Everett a largely white school. The Lansing School Board had to bus some childs to Everett to blend the races and to halt the growing at Sexton. Earvin lived a half of a mile off from Sexton and a stat mi and a half off from Everett. Pearl and Larry hated Everett and Larry was ever in battles. The lone Johnson who didn Ts have to travel to Everett was Quincy who was already in high school when the board made it s determination. Earvin made up narratives stating he was populating with friends and even appealed the school board. After the hours of work put up by Earvin, he ended up traveling to Everett. The Everett Vikings were a awful hoops squad. Earvin emerge as a leader. The black pupils at Everett wanted to listen to their ain sort of music during tiffin and Earvin got it so they could. Many of white pupils even started to wish what Earvin had suggested. ( Johnson, p.23-25 )

In hoops, he was Everett s top-scorer and rebounder in all most every game. Earvin had became close friends with Reggie Chastine, Everett s point guard. Reggie was one twelvemonth in front of Earvin and he was five pes six. ( Haskins, p.11 ) Coach George Fox was a good manager and an first-class instructor. He taught Earvin to ever work on his basicss. Earvin s fresher twelvemonth they were picked to complete last. After a game, Fred Stabley Jr. , a sports writer for the Lansing State Journal, called Earvin, Magic and the nickname stuck. That twelvemonth, Everett merely lost one game and they went all the manner to the province quarterfinals. ( Johnson, p.27-29 ) The following season, in a game against Sexton, Earvin scored 54 points and put a high school record for most points in a game. Subsequently, the record was broke by Evelyn ( Earvin s sister ) . The following game, Earvin s hiting was away and he ended up with 16 aids. The Everett Vikings once more did non base on balls quarterfinals. In Earvin s junior twelvemonth, the Vikings got on a axial rotation and made it to the province semi-finals, but were knocked out in a 68 to sixty loss to Detroit Catholic Central. Earvin fouled out with 1:29 left in the game. He had scored 30 points and nine recoils and he blamed himself for the loss. He had let Reggie down since he was to short to play college ball. Reggie made All-Capital Area Conference and Metro-All Conference first squads. Earvin was named All-Conference Most Valuable Player And United Press International s Prep Player of the Year in Michigan. That summer, Reggie was killed in an car accident. Earvin was devastated by the decease of one of his closest friends. Earvin started to have five to six letters a twenty-four hours. In his senior twelvemonth, Earvin started off the season averaging 40 points a game, but Coach Fox told him to retrieve his teammates and Earvin started concentrated more in aids. The Vikings beat the Birmingham s Brother Rice High School in the the Championship game. It was an exciting game that Everett won in overtime, 62 to 56. Earvin was named United Press International s Prep Player on the Year of the whole state. Earvin narrowed down his determination to two colleges. He decided to travel to either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. He decided to go to MSU. Jay Vincent his longtime resort area hoops friend was besides go toing.

Michigan State University was on the east side of Lansing, so Earvin was close to place. He still stayed in a residence hall on campus which he shared with Jay Vincent. ( Johnson, p.57 ) Earvin first game the Spartans played against Central Michigan and Earvin played truly bad. Basketball became immense at MSU. For illustration, the patterns used to be unfastened to public, but because of how many people started to demo up it was forced to be closed. Earvin was coached by Jud Heathcote. Coach Heathcote didn T head turnovers or losing a recoil every bit much as he minded mental mistakes. ( Johnson, p.51-53 ) They finished off the season with 25 wins and five loses. That season the Spartans won 13 consecutive games, a new school record. MSU won the Big Ten conference rubric and Earvin was foremost in aids, tied for 3rd in hiting and 6th in recoils in the Big Ten. MSU merely made it to the elect eight where they were knocked off by the figure one seed Kentucky Wildcats. Earvin played atrocious in the tourney. After speaking to his parents, Earvin decided to remain at MSU for another twelvemonth. ( Brenner, p.56-57 ) Earvin was majoring telecommunications. He met a beautiful adult female named Cookie and he asked her out to dinner. This didn T go on to much in college, but Cookie was pleased. Cookie understood Earvin s chief focal point was hoops. ( Johnson, p.58-68 ) Earvin appeared on the screen of Sports Illustrated for a college hoops prevue. Earvin emerged in a dinner jacket to demo how posh college basketballs were. Sports Illustrated favorite MSU to complete near the top, with star five of their six participants returning like Greg Special K Kelser, Jay Vincent, Robert Chapman and Earvin Magic Johnson and having practising against squads in Brazil. Coach Heathcote told the participants at the start of Earvin s sophomore season, I told the participants it will take five things for us to win. In order, they are: teamwork, the fast interruption, defence, field-goal shot truth and discourtesy. I let Earvin take attention of the first two and I handle the remainder. That twelvemonth the Spartans record was 21 wins to six loses, they besides took the Big Ten conference. In the Big Ten title game Earvin sprained his mortise joint and came back in the same game to crush the Ohio Buckeyes 84 to 79. In the first unit of ammunition of the NCAA tourney, MSU beat Lamar 95 to sixty-four, behind Earvin s 10 aids and Greg s thirty-one points. The following game the Spartans rode Earvin s 24 points and twelve aids to a joyride over Louisiana State in the sweet 16. They took out the top-seeded Norte Dame, Greg scored 34 points and Earvin dropped 13 dimes in the regional title

. ( Brenner, p.58-59 ) They were traveling to Utah to play in the national semifinals. When they arrived in Utah they went to a ski country and Ate dinner. The skiing blew them off because none of them had of all time seen it or the immense mountains. In the national semifinals, MSU wasted the University of Pennsylvania, MSU won by 34 points. Earvin had ne’er seen the tall, blond white adult male everyone was comparing him till the game where Indiana State played Depaul. That white adult male was Larry Bird, the crisp shooting forward. After they watch the game in pattern Sunday forenoon Earvin was Larry Bird. To demo the squad how to play defence on Bird, Coach Heathcote told Earvin to play as Bird. MSU played a box and one zone on Bird so he besides was being doubled. At halftime at the title game, the Spartans were up by 10 points. Five proceedingss subsequently, they were up by 16, but when Greg was on the bench with four fouls, the Hoosiers pulled with in six points with 10 proceedingss to play. That didn Ts last long because when Greg came back, the Spartans increased their lead. It ended absolutely with a full tribunal base on balls from Earvin to Greg for the monster jam. The Spartans won 75 to 64. Bird shot seven for 21 in that game. ( Johnson, p.80-83 ) The determination was concluding through Earvin was decidedly traveling to do the leap to the NBA.

In 1979, the L.A. Lakers picked Earvin Johnson. He signed a 600,000 dollar contract with the Lakers. At first we couldn t believe it, said Jamaal Wilkes of Earvin. He was so enthusiastic. We didn t know if it was echt. But it was. That s him. Earvin s first game against the San Diego Clippers. It came down to a sky-hook that Kareem knocked down to win the game one hundred-three to one hundred-two and Earvin ran over and gave Kareem a large bear clinch. With Earvin s passing and enthusiasm, the Lakers went to the Finals his first twelvemonth. With the Lakers taking the series three wins to two against 76ers and the Lakers losing Kareem who was out with a sprained mortise joint, Coach Westhead put Earvin at centre. The Lakers needed one more win to the NBA title and Kareem would be back in the following game. Earvin scored 42 points, pulled down 15 recoils and dished out seven aids. The Lakers won 123 to 107. ( Lovitt, p.29-32 ) Earvin was the first cub to have NBA finals MVP awards. ( Fifty Greatest ) In the 1980- 1981 season, Earvin injured his left articulatio genus in a game against Kansas City. He tore his gristle, had surgery to mend his articulatio genus and he missed 45 games. When he came back he helped the Lakers make it to the western title where they lost to the Rockets. Earvin renegotiate with the Lakers even through his contract didn t terminal until 1984. He signed a contract for one million dollars for every twelvemonth for the following 25 old ages, this meant the Lakers wanted Earvin to train or run things after he retired. In the 1981- 1982 season, Earvin and Coach West caput got in an statement about the discourtesy. Earvin shortly asked to be traded and Westhead was fired. Pat Riley, who was the adjunct manager became head manager for the Lakers. People felt Earvin running the squad. ( Haskins, p. 48-40 ) Earvin became one of three participants to register seven hundred or more points, recoils and aids. That season in the playoffs, the Lakers swept the Suns and the Spurs to progress to the NBA Finals. The NBA Finals the Lakers beat the 76ers in six games. ( Brenner, p.73-74 ) Earvin was the finals MVP. ( Lovitt ) The following season, Earvin had 16 triple- doubles and 35 dual doubles, but it wasn t good plenty the Lakers were swept by the 76ers in the NBA finals. In the 1983-1984 season, Earvin averaged 13 aids a game. In the playoffs, The Lakers swept Sacramento, derailed Dallas with a four to one win ratio and round Phoenix in six games. In the finals, the Lakers faced Larry Bird and his Boston Celtics. After a grueling seven games, the Boston Celtics prevailed on top and crush the Lakers to win the NBA Championship. Riley expands the doomed, It took a long clip to acquire over that loss. It took us a month into the following regular season to acquire over it. The following season, the Lakers came howling into the playoffs seeking a NBA rubric, they swept the Suns, pounded Portland in five games and murdered the Nuggets in five games. The faced the Boston Celtics in the title confrontation, but this twelvemonth the Celtics gave the Lakers no jobs. The Lakers won the NBA title in six games. The 1985-1986 season, the Lakers started out hot winning 24 games and merely losing three. They finished off the season with impressive Numberss besides winning 62 games and merely losing 20, but the luck didn T hold out in the playoffs when the Lakers were swept by the Rockets in the western conference title. That sparked Earvin who averaged about 24 points and merely over 12 aids a game. The Lakers finished with 65 wins and 17 loses and Earvin received the MVP for that season. ( Brenner, p. 74-80 ) In the playoffs, they barreled over the Warriors in five games and swept the Sonics in the western conference title. ( Haskins, p.56 ) Earvin sunk a sky hook with two seconds left in the 6th game and that put the Lakers on top in the NBA title against the Celtics. Earvin was the finals MVP and the first participant of all time to win both a regular season and a finals MVP in the same season. The following season, the Lakers beat Isaiah Thomas and the bad male child Walter pistons for the NBA rubric. Then, in the 1988-1989 season the Lakers were swept in the NBA title by the Pistons. ( Brenner, p.40 ) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retires. ( Haskins, p.62 ) In the 1989-1990 season the Lakers fell abruptly of another title series, Earvin is named MVP. ( Brenner, p.40 ) In the following season, the Lakers played the Bulls in the NBA finals, but lost in six games.

Earvin married Cookie on September 14, 1991. On October 25, 1991, Earvin learned that a trial for the HIV virus done on his blood had came back positive. Fortunately, Cookie and their babe, Earvin the 3rd, didn T acquire the virus. Dr. Mellman advised Earvin to discontinue hoops. Earvin so told everyone near the awful intelligence. After that Earvin announced his retirement. Earvin was voted to play in the All-Star game that season. At the All-Star game, Earvin played one-on-one with his friends and received the All-Star MVP. Then in 1995, Earvin tried training the Lakers and stunk it up. In 1996, Earvin put back on a Lakers New Jersey, laced up his places and played the 2nd half of the season and playoffs. He wrote his autobiography, My Life in 1992. Earvin now has hot lines, films, a foundation and speaks out against AIDS and HIV and discusses safe sex.

Earvin Johnson Jr. has had five charming parts in his life. Earvin is and ever be a great function theoretical account. He is so posh on and off the tribunal. His merriment loving attitude is a great illustration of what we all should be. His bravery to talk out and assist others cover with AIDS and HIV is astonishing. From June Bug to Magic, Earvin Johnson Jr. will ever be a great adult male.


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