Many miRNA involvement in viral latency and

Many studies have being conducted to
analyze miRNA involvement in viral latency and reactivation of HSV-1. Although
there is still much to be discovered about the mechanics of viral latency, some
miRNAs have been identified and analyzed. Various studies have discovered 17
HSV-1 miRNAs, such as miR-H1 to H8, H11-H18, and miR-92944 (2). miR-H1 was
identified 450 bp upstream of the transcription start site of LAT (2). High
levels of miR-H1 are expressed during the lytic cycle (2). Studies show that
miR-H1 expression is reduced by mutated miR-92944 (2). The exact target for
miR-92944 has not been discovered. Although there is no data on the function of
miR-H1 and miR-92944, this observation indicates that miR-92944 and miR-H1 are
potentially required for maintaining latency.