Many still think this description applies: in

Many people train every day to become
the very best at something. They try to improve what they are already good at
and try to get something out of it. So, when you think about this, this is
basically a description for performing a sport. You can think of many different
sports to which this applies. Especially if you think about the Olympics.
However, what if we switch this to videogames? Do you still think this
description applies: in other words playing videogames competitively? By
playing any videogame competitively you are basically participating in
something called eSports. Because you try to improve and develop abilities and
try to accomplish something in competitive gaming, eSports should be considered
a real sport.


One of the most important things that
eSport professionals require is a high hand-eye coordination. Now think about
other sports in which you need a high hand-eye coordination. When playing
tennis or table tennis at a professional level, it requires you to have a very
high hand-eye coordination. You brain gets trained to respond very fast to
where the ball is moving. You analyze how and where your opponent moves and
take action based on that. The same goes for eSport professionals where you see
something happen on screen and react by moving your mouse in a different
direction or press a certain key that triggers a certain action.

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With eSports you develop abilities, this
is what a sport is all about.

Compare this to ‘regular’ sports where
people train every day to improve at their sport. They develop their ability to
do something better than before. Think about the Olympics. Many people aim to
go there, but only the most trained sport athletes may go there. Getting to the
Olympics is an accomplishment, but winning gold medals is even more of a
feat.  Now compare this with eSports.
Many eSport athletes endeavor to reach tournaments, i.e. a world championship.
They develop their abilities to become better and reach that world
championship, but they do not only want to reach it. They want to win it to get
a wonderful trophy and an enormous amount of money!


Many people think something is only a
sport if it is a physical activity, however a sport does not have to be a
physical activity. Because sports were invented a long time ago before the
computer was even invented, it became the norm that sports could only be
performed by doing something physical. Now that we have computers, ‘regular’
sports are in many cases only performed to keep your body healthy. Similarly
eSport professionals need to keep their mind healthy. However it is widely
accepted that a fitter body equates to a fitter mind, so that is why many
eSport professionals try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. A fitter mind
will make sure that you achieve quicker reflexes and allow eSport professionals
to have over 300 actions per minute.