Mapleland Fiber Network (MFN) Essay

The metropolis of Mapleland. Oregon. which owns and operates its ain power public-service corporation. construct a fiberoptic web to supervise power metres at residents’ places. The web is called Mapleland Fiber Network ( MFN ) . Because MFN had more capacity than was needed to supervise metres. the metropolis expanded its services to offer entree to the web for citybusinesses. The concerns use the web to pass on with each other and to entree the Internet. At the MFN headend. which is located with the metropolis authorities offices. three routers and WAN links connect to the Internet for usage by the metropolis. The concerns on MFN besides use these routers to make the Internet.

In add-on to the concern service. MFN besides offers overseas telegram modem service to places. A overseas telegram modem router at the MFN headend connects to the fiberoptic web. In the metropolis vicinities. intercrossed fiber-coax nodes bring coax cabling to each street and into the places for overseas telegram modem Internet entree.

The MFN anchor consists of a fiberoptic Gigabit Ethernet web that runs through the metropolis in a ring topology. The fiberoptic ring connects the intercrossed fiber-coax nodes that conveying coax telegraphing to each vicinity. Besides connected to the ring are six informations routers. Each router links one or more Mapleland concerns to MFN via simple point-to-point connexions. At the concern. the fiberoptic web enters the edifice and connects to a media convertor. A UTP overseas telegram connects to the media convertor and typically to a 100-Mbps Ethernet switch. The switch links the business’s computing machines and waiters in a star opology via UTP cabling.

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1. Pull a web map that shows the topology of the MFN and how the chief constituents are connected. 2. What other information would you garner to better your map and add more item? 3. Mapleland is sing spread outing the MFN to include wireless entree for its abodes. What extra probe will you make to fix for a citywide radio web? 4. What security concerns do you hold for the radio web?