Marijuana – Most Commonly Used Illegal Drug Sample Essay

Marijuana is the most normally used illegal drug. The name marihuana is a Mexican scoria word. which became popular in the 1930’s. which refers to the medicative parts of the hemp works. Marijuana is a green. brown. or grey mixture that is created through drying the foliages and blooming tops of the hemp works. The authority of marihuana differs depending on what portion of the works is used. The three subjects of marihuana I will be discoursing is legalisation of marihuana. adolescent marihuana usage. and long – term effects of marihuana. The first and most basic ground that marihuana should be legal is that there is no good ground for it to be illegal. Some people ask ‘why should marijuana be legalized’ ? But we should inquire ‘why should marijuana be illegal’ ? The authorities merely has a right to restrict those picks if the individual’s actions endanger person else. This does non merely use to marijuana. since the person who chooses to utilize marihuana does so harmonizing to his or her ain free will. Furthermore. the Canadian authorities should legalise the use of marihuana.

Making so would convey in a batch of money to the economic system through revenue enhancement of marihuana. let for research into marijuana’s possible medical benefit. and cut down force. Marijuana should be legalized because it is non every bit harmful as a litany of already legal drugs. including highly harmful prescription drugs. There are many grounds why some teens start smoking marihuana. Most immature people smoke marihuanas because their friends or brothers and sisters use marihuana and coerce them to seek it. Some immature people smoke marihuanas because they see older people in the household smoking it. Others may believe it’s cool to utilize marihuanas because they hear vocals on marihuana and see it on Television and in films. Some teens may experience they need marihuanas to assist them get away from jobs at place. at school. or with friends. Some teens who take drugs do non acquire along with their parents. Some have a web of friends who use drugs and press them to make the same ( peer force per unit area ) . All facets of a teens environment- place. school. neighborhoods- aid them to find whether the adolescent will seek drugs or non. While all of long-run effects of marihuana usage are non yet known. there are surveies demoing serious wellness concerns.

It is difficult to happen out whether marihuana entirely causes malignant neoplastic disease because many people who smoke marihuanas besides smoke coffin nails and utilize other drugs. Marijuana smoke contains some of the cancer-causing chemicals as person who smokes a full battalion of coffin nails every twenty-four hours. Our immune system protects the organic structure from many agents that causes diseases. It is non certain that marihuana amendss the immune system of people. But both carnal and human surveies have shown that marihuana impairs the ability of T-cells ( T lymphocytes ) in the lungs immune defence system to contend some infections. Within a few proceedingss of smoking marihuana. the bosom begins crushing more quickly and the blood force per unit area beads. Marijuana can do the bosom round to increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute. and can increase even more if other drugs are used at the same clip.

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Although some civilizations throughout human history have used marihuana for apparently responsible intents. such as medicative and religious enlightenment. the truth is. our western civilization has yet to happen the restraint and societal adulthood to utilize marihuana for anything but our ain self-destructiveness.


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