Marine are valuable and endangered. According to

Marine biological environment is a complex system including sea water, sea water, soluble matter and suspended matter, seabed sediments and marine organisms. The rich biological resources, mineral resources, chemical resources and power resources in the sea are indispensable human resources treasure houses, which are closely related to the survival and development of mankind.At present, the main objective of marine conservation is to protect marine biological resources so that they can not be exhausted for sustainable use by mankind. In particular, priority should be given to the conservation of marine animals that are valuable and endangered. According to the UN investigation, due to overfishing, mangrove accidental killing of non target to allow the killing of marine organisms, the coastal engineering construction, deforestation, pollution of the marine environment in general, at least 25 of the world’s most valuable fisheries resources consumed, whales, sea turtles, manatees and many other marine animal faces the danger of extinction. It is expected that with the expansion of marine development, it is possible to cause more damage to marine biological resources.Marine protection task should first stop on the marine biological resources excessive use, secondly to protect the marine biological habitat or habitat, especially their migration, spawning, feeding, avoid Huahai coastline, beaches, estuaries, coral reefs, to prevent heavy metals, pesticides, oil, organic produce and eutrophication. Nutrients such as marine pollution. Maintain the ability of regeneration of marine biological resources and the natural purification ability of the sea water, maintain the marine ecological balance, and ensure the sustainable development and utilization of the marine.In any case, the protection of the oceans can not be achieved by individual forces, and the protection of the oceans depends on the joint efforts of all mankind. I do not want one day in the future, our descendants can only imagine the image of the vast and wide sea. So let’s protect the ocean.