Mary Queen Of Scotts Essay Research Paper

Mary Queen Of Scotts Essay, Research Paper

The Renaissance was a clip for influence, chiefly by high functionaries such as male monarchs and Queenss. Mary Queen of Scots, one of the most good known Queenss of the clip moved the people with love of poesy, composing, singing, dancing, and other humourous activities. Her legend lives on today chiefly because of what she did and why she was killed.

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When Mary Stuart became queen on September 9, 1543, a twelvemonth after her male parent died. When Mary became queen, she was really alone. Unlike other Queenss, Mary studied Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Greek. She besides learned how to compose, pull, sing dance, and play the luting, which most Queenss ne’er accomplished half these things.

Queen Elizabeth took captive Mary. Mary remained an English captive until 1578. The ground Mary was in prison was because she committed lese majesty. October of 1587, 24 equals and counsellors assembled at Father Inghay to set her on test. At first Mary denied to declare her artlessness. Subsequently on they convicted her.

Queen Elizabeth delayed subscribing the decease certification until February 5th. Elizabeth talked to a cat named Paulette to take the suggestion to slay Mary in private and save her problem of the executing. On February 8th, dressed in ruddy, Mary was about to confront her decease. Mary faced her decease with bravery. It took two bows of the axe, and the sawing of a

tendon to finish the decapitation. Mary was buried at Peter Borough, but her organic structure was finally transferred to West Minister Abby.

When Mary got married for the 3rd clip, she got married to Darnley. Darnley wanted more power so Mary. During the clip they were contending, Darnley thought Mary had a lover. He thought Mary & # 8217 ; s lover was her secretary, and to turn out that he was huffy he stabbed Mary & # 8217 ; s secretary in forepart of her killing him. Mary and her hubby made up for a short clip. Mary was holding Darnley & # 8217 ; s pamper male child. When her hubby could swear her, she left him and gave her boy the Crown. After that Mary and Darnley divorced.

How Mary got convicted of lese majesty was she wrote coffin letters. They proved Mary was guilty of Darnley & # 8217 ; s slaying. & # 8220 ; Letterss that Mary seems to hold written back uping the latter, secret plan, were used as grounds in the treason test of the Duke of Norfolk, who was executed in 1572 & # 8221 ; . When Mary was in prison, Walshingham controlled her correspondence with Babington in secret. Mary and Babington & # 8217 ; s letters talked about the blackwash plotting against Queen Elizabeth. Walshingham took the letters and brought them on test to utilize against Mary. These letters convicted Mary of lese majesty.

In decision Mary was remembered by being convicted of lese majesty. The bequest of Mary of Scots gives testimonial to how she lived her life in royalty and how she died with nil.