Meaning of Life and Happiness Essay

I do non believe that there is a individual individual in the universe who can state that knows what felicity really is and. more significantly. that knows how to accomplish it. We sometimes acquire the glance of pure felicity but those minutes are so rare and so intense that we merely recognize them excessively tardily. Each of us understands this feeling in a different way…I. for case. see it as the 1 that can do you experience that there is no concern in life and nil and cipher can ache you any longer. For me. it is when you feel like you can make anything and bury about the yesteryear. the hereafter. merely basking the mere nowadays.

In my instance. it is one of two feelings that can do you shout with all your heart…because it is excessively much for you to show in field words or unpointed gestures. “Tears are words that the bosom can’t express” a wise adult male one time said and could hold ne’er said it better. as felicity is that joy which is so strong that sometimes even hurts. However. I ne’er remember the formula for felicity and even if I did I do non believe it would work once more because one of its constituents is besides hazard. Still. this does nt do me halt seeking for it and give it everything I do. I am and I achieve.

Similarly. each individual I’ve of all time met. consciously or non. did the same…we want to acquire something. to go person. Why? Not because that would do us experience suffering. but fulfilled and possibly a small spot more: happy. Hence. I strongly believe that felicity is the chief intent of our lives. the whole purpose of our passing being. We are born happy and we want to decease the same ; this is the true ideal that we all crave for making. Money. wealth. cognition average nil. without person who cares about what you have achieved.

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Human existences. whether they like acknowledging it or non. necessitate other human existences to portion their secrets with. to portion their joy or sorrow ; as echt joy can merely go felicity if there is another individual by your side. In other words. felicity is. in my sentiment. the existent significance of life ; and life seems so complicated particularly because we seldom acquire to its nucleus. we about ne’er acquire to cognize what felicity feels like…and afterwards all that remains is an ill-defined memory of the minute and a want of experiencing it once more.