Medicine flow of salt and water leading

Medicine are considered as life saving medium as it caused longer life span, the result in lower infant mortality rate and higher good quality of life in senior citizen has been improved the acceptance of medicine in people. They usually rely on drugs that are prescribed by doctors to cure their disease. Patient dependence on drug boosts scientist to develop new drug entities and to work on new improved technique in improvising life span and drug efficiency and safety. Many new disease and it diagnostic test have been seen to invaded along with that there has been need of new drug necessity for population.

                    Skillful implementation of molecular level study about disease leads to study about genetic science making researchers to think differently. In year 2012 FDA gave approval for cystic fibrosis therapy which is inherited disease cause damage to lungs and digestive system.

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                    The drug Kalydeco related to cure cystic fibrosis disease were given approval this was the specific genetic mutation that is G551D mutation this cause regulation of salt and water in the human body. The drug kalydeco help in maintaining the proper protein made by mutated gene, drug also cause flow of salt and water leading it to on the surface of lungs, this prevents the building up of mucus which usually seen in cystic fibrosis and also lead to life worsening lung infection and digestive failure. The use of drug kalydeco showed the symptoms which improved lung function and patients were healthy.

                    Concept know as personalized medicine were introduced, its study revolves around the introduction to use molecular markers that signal related to disease or will be causing disease in future they are the clinical symptoms given by individual, thus identifying the symptoms can help us to give the particular drug regarding particular disease, this concept is not completely new as the individual patient treatment is fallowed from past many years, but this promise of developing prediction of targeted therapeutics and tools with effect and side effect, its scope varies from extremely broad to narrow range. For example, “women with BRCA1or BRCA2 variations gene have 36 to 85 percent of life chances of having breast cancer as compared with other general women’s with 13 percent chances and 16-60 percent chances of ovarian cancer as compared to general women’s with 1.7 percent chances.”

                             European Union, define Personalized medicine as, “providing the right treatment to the right patient, at the right dose at the right time.”