Medicine – In America today Essay

In America today, the price of healthcare is quite expensive, and not all of the citizens can afford insurance to help cover their doctor and medicine costs. I recently went to the doctor’s for a sinus infection and was charged a total of $95. I was only needed to pay my $15 co-pay since I am still covered by my father’s insurance plan, but I wondered how in the world a person from a lower class without my benefits and who was living on a tight budget would have paid for this? Healthcare is definitely unequally distributed in society.

If a family has the money and social ranking, then they are financially covered if a medical emergency happens to occur. On the other hand, if a family is financially unstable, then a medical emergency will more than likely cause them to drown in debt for years, or force them to suffer through the problem without any medical care at all. In this essay, I will discuss the factors that enjoying good health care depend on and how life expectancy differs throughout the world’s different societies.

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In rich, industrialized societies, the people tend to live longer mainly due to the availability of medicines and tests to diagnose certain life-threatening illnesses before they become fatal. The industrialized societies have enough funds to purchase the latest and greatest advanced technological equipment and make good use of their countries resources. Doctors in these countries, such as here in America and in Sweden, are extremely trained and well educated, therefore being able to put the equipment to use and perform life-saving procedures.

Diseases that they are trained to handle include AIDS, heart disease, and many forms of cancers, such as colon and brain. Healthcare is widely available in these societies. If a person if from the upper class, then they are able to choose when and which physician they want to treat their physical or mental illness. If a person is from a lower class, then they must go to the local clinic for care and hope to be seen that day, and they do not even receive superior care like the wealthier receive. The government in the USA did try to somewhat fix the healthcare problem. They provided and made available Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicaid is medical care for the poor and Medicare is for the elderly. Some schools in the inner city and even colleges offer free screenings and exams to those in need as well, giving a handful of needy people the opportunity to benefit from these services. However, the government still has not completely solved the American healthcare problem, but they have managed to come up with a strong starting ground so far. The poor and less developed societies of the world are far behind us industrialized societies and are not able to receive good health care due to their economic situations.

They are unable to afford the technology necessary to perform surgeries or the right education that is needed to train doctors. The hospitals and medical offices are forced to use crusty, old equipment and most do not even have enough beds for all of their patients, forcing those unlucky ones to lie on the cold, dirty floor with only a blanket that is usually stained and germ-filled that was left by a previous patient. Healthcare in these countries is scare and unaffordable. Medicines are not available for diseases such as AIDS and millions of people are dying each day because of this.

In Sub-Sahara Africa, 3. 8 million people become infected with AIDS everyday, and there is nothing that can be done to lessen that number! The only ones who may benefit at all in these countries are those who are helped by relief groups sent over by the industrialized nations who provide them with minimal care for short periods of time. The rich and elite send their top students to Western medical schools, giving them the power to create chance within their social class, but that hardly does any good for the poor of the nation who go without seeing any of this advancing medical care!

In all, medicine and healthcare are issues that need greater attention, not only in the US, but also throughout the world. Instead of spending billions of dollars to bomb and protect other countries, our government should focus on making sure that all of it’s citizens are receiving good healthcare so that the American life expectancy rate stays stable and the citizens, especially the young children, receive the proper care that they need.