Mesoamerican Civilizations Sample Essay

There were many assorted civilisations in Mesoamerica about 3000 to 500 old ages ago. Though they were different civilisations. they had some similarities. One may believe that ancient civilisations could non hold been every bit advanced as we are today. Yet. who knows? They might hold even been more advanced than we are in modern times in many assorted Fieldss such as Inventing. Astronomy. Mathematics. Technology. Art. and possibly even more. Religion portrayed an of import function in early Mesoamerican civilisations. These civilisations were all polytheistic. Mayan metropoliss featured elephantine pyramids. temples. castles. and luxuriant rock carvings dedicated to the Gods and to of import swayers ( O. I ) . In the Aztec society of Tenochtitlan there were 100s of temples and spiritual constructions dedicated to the Gods. The Aztecs had a warrior civilization ; therefore they believed that they were protected by a war God. Religion helped reenforce the power of the Incan province ( O. I ) . They worshipped in temples to praise their caput God. the sun-god.

The Olmec grew and harvested gum elastic. which they used to do balls for a spiritual ballgame that they played. The Mayas. Aztecs. and Incans used performed human forfeit as an offering to the Gods. Government and societal category weren’t truly of import to the Olmec. The Maya were ruled by blue aristocracy. This means that Mayans had to be born into an upper category. while the lowest category in the Mayan society was made up of slaves. At the underside of the Aztec society were the slaves. They had no rights. but they got a opportunity to travel to school. In fact. all kids had to go to school. so that there would be plenty skilled workers to run the Aztec imperium. The Incans were divided into categories where male monarchs ruled. and husbandmans and slaves were at the underside. If nil else. these civilisations all had brilliant and advanced innovations. The Aztec didn’t truly hold any physical innovations. but they were one of the first civilisations to hold compulsory instruction or everyone ( kids ) . The Maya developed a 260-day calendar. which consisted of 20 13-day months.

A 2nd 365-day solar calendar consisted of 18 20-day months. with a separate period of five yearss at the terminal ( O. I ) . They besides developed the most advanced authorship system in the ancient Americas. The Olmec developed the first written linguistic communication and numbering accomplishments. They mastered beautiful art in the signifier of jade masks. and statues of elephantine caputs. The Incans were celebrated for their medical patterns such as surgery on the skull and anaesthesia. Besides. their most sacred shrine. the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco. was to a great extent decorated in gold ; the temple even had a garden crafted wholly from cherished metals. This shows their advanced cognition of metal engineering. How were they so similar if they were wholly different civilisations. in mistily assorted parts of Mesoamerica? Well. they had similar resources. since some of them lived around the same clip. Besides. some shared the same clime which may explicate how they their apparels might hold been somewhat similar. They shared the same vegetation and zoology. which explains why they may hold had similar harvests. or ate the same sort of nutrient.

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