Most writes The Minister’s Black Veil featuring

Most views on people who wear veils see it as a sign of purity; however, it can be a way of hiding sin. Nathaniel Hawthorne writes The Minister’s Black Veil featuring Mr.Hooper who delivers a sermon while wearing a black veil.The puritans soon after the sermon began to question why Mr.Hooper is wearing a veil. In “The Minister’s Black Veil” by Nathaniel Hawthorne helps the reader come to the conclusion that psychoanalytic theory demonstrates different perspectives influencing reactions from people around Mr.Hooper. This conclusion is significant because the veil frightened town people, the veil was even able to chase away loved ones, and veil becomes apart of Mr.Hooper.His clergy has never see Mr.hooper wearing a veil on his head before.To them this was something very different, it really just caught them off guard.After the sermon the townspeople began to wonder why Mr.Hooper had decided to start wearing a veil and a black veil at that.On page three the narrator comes out to say, “At the close of the services, the people hurried out with indecorous confusion, eager to communicate their pent-up amazement…”, never before had a pastor worn a veil and never had Mr.Hooper. Townspeople came to the sermon thinking they were going to have the same Mr.Hooper they knew and loved. Later in the passage it comes to say how some townspeople spoke loudly about what they thought of the black veil, while other only whispered, and other just did not speak of it. There were very many different reaction to the veil. On page four a women from the clergy spoke out on what she thought of Mr.Hooper wearing a veil, “How strange,” “that a simple black veil, such as any women might wear on her bonnet, should become such a terrible thing on Mr.Hooper’s face!” , this was something very different to them women were known for wearing veils at church but never to cover their faces. Mr.Hooper was wearing a veil that not only covered his face but was black, a color that brings many different thoughts to mind. Mr.Hooper began to wear the veil without a warning for the townspeople, they did not know the reason why he was wearing the veil so how could they receive it as something normal?  After Mr.Hooper wearing the black veil for a period of time did the people think that the veil only brought mystery between them and Mr.Hooper: for what reason would a man of his kind have to conceal his face from those had known him without it. On page seven the townspeople come to an end and decide, ” Finally, the deputies returned abashed to their constituents, pronouncing the matter too weightly to be handled, except by the council of the churches, if, indeed, it might not require a general synod.”, this then becomes important because the townspeople no longer find Mr.Hooper as the same person he once was before the veil became apart of his everyday.Over all you can see that something so simple without warning can cause people to look at you differently. Mr.Hooper began to wear the veil without consoling those who are around him most, that includes his fiance who did not understand the reason behind the veil. After the first sermon Mr.Hooper had to perform a funeral and then after a ceremony of matrimony, only to enter in such setting that deserves nothing but light and happiness to be dimmed due to the black veil on Mr.Hooper’s face. Again at a seperate wedding Mr.Hooper went on to make a toast to the newly wed but in mid toast, he received a glimpse of himself in the glass, to run out into the darkness.  Then by the council of the churches was he called upon to explain the use of the veil. There was the one person in the village that had not yet wondered why Mr.Hooper had began to wear the veil and she did not believe that is something with a dark meaning like the other began to think. Mr.Hooper’s fiance had finally decided to ask or question why he wore the veil and what it meant to him. On page eight after asking why he wears the veil says, “Your words are a mystery, too, Take away the veil from them at least.”, the meaning to veil does not make sense to her. Before the veil was a simple man, who seemed happy and fulfilled. The man she knew before the veil was who she planned on marrying, not a man who is mysterious and sad looking. The ongoing conversation about why he was wearing veil, on page eight she goes on to say, ” But what if the world will not believe that it is the type of an innocent sorrow?”, after he comes back to try and explain what he uses the black veil she still can not put aside the fact that other people still wonder what it means and why now did he start to wear it. The further you read you see that Mr.Hooper does not what to take off the veil for a loved one, she can not take loving someone who covers their face. The hardest part about him wearing the veil he is now chasing away the away loved one who what want what’s best for Mr.Hooper.The veil is very important to Mr.Hooper. Mr.Hooper did not care what the townspeople thought of him wearing the black veil. While Mr.Hooper was talking to his now ex fiance, he was going on to explain why he wears the veil, on page eight “So far as my vow may suffer me. Know, then, this veil is a type and symbol, and I am bound to wear it ever, both in light and darkness, in solitude…”, he says that wearing the veil is something that he will continue to do. The veil to him is a chance for him to feel whole for him to show that he is sinful but now hiding from sin. The conversation carries on with his wife, also on page eight “If I hide my face for sorrow , there is cause enough, and if I cover it for secret sin, what mortal might not do the same?”, he hopes that him wearing the veil can set an example to the rest of the people who know him. The only problem is that how can Mr.Hooper set an example if the people do not even know why he wears it.Looking over everything, the townspeople and loved ones do not understand how his mind and heart need this.The veil to Mr.Hooper was a to show he has sinned and now that the townspeople are able to see the sin he will then be able to stay away from ant sin to come is way. The townspeople however only found the veil to mysterious and dark, a loved one also agreed that it was hard to just understand what the veil actually meant. Psychoanalytic theory is the best literary criticism for this piece because is best represents that Mr.Hooper’s thought on what the veil meant to him, can be perceived as something completely different to the minds of others.