Multiple Roles of the President: American Government Sample Essay

The president of the United States has to carry through many functions. He non merely has to function as the political leader but besides as the societal leader. The president must set on a smiling when run intoing the populace but a serious face when keeping meetings. The president must be Chief of State. Chief Executive. Chief Diplomat. Commander in Chief. Chief Legislator. Chief of Party. and Economic Leader.

The head of province requires the president to represent American people. The president must go the living symbol of the state. As head of province. the president must talk to the populace and agitate the custodies of the citizens. For illustration. the president must recognize visitants to the white house. The president must besides stand for the United States of international meetings when run intoing foreign leaders. For illustration. President Obama met with the leader of South Korea sing the North Korean onslaught on the South. The president discussed American ideals on this issue.

As main executive. the president must do certain the Torahs are enforced. appoint functionaries. grant forgivenesss. issue executive order. and organize the sections and bureaus. The president must supervise federal bureaus. appoint managers. and create policies in order to find their ends. The president must besides name federal Judgess and Supreme Court Justices. Theoretically. the president is the “boss” of many authorities workers in the executive subdivision. For illustration. the president appoints the caput of the CIA and holds cabinet meetings. In 2011. President Obama held a meeting discoursing the argument of wellness attention. As main executive. the president enters office with a few programs. For illustration. deomcrats prefer to spread out on societal services while Republicans wish to diminish authorities disbursement. The president is surrounded by cabinet caputs who invariably advise him. During the State of Union reference. the president addresses the ends of the disposal.

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As Chief Diplomat. the president must interact with foreign states and their leaders. With the aid of advisers. the president make the foreign policy of the united provinces. The president must supervise foreign pacts. and aid other states. The president. as main diplomat. must besides do foreign policies that deal the international dealingss. The president must name the embassador to the United Nations. and negotiate pacts with other states. Making pacts is a constitutional power of the president. Washington established pacts. and left it to congress to O.K. them. the president needs consent of 2/3rd of senate in order to come in a foreign pact. But the president is still the 1 who devises negociating schemes and creates the pacts in the first topographic point. Although the president needs senate’s blessing to sign a pact. he doesn’t necessitate the blessing to end one. For illustration in 2002. President Bush terminated the Anti-Ballistic Missile pact with Russia. The president may besides make an executive understanding. An executive understanding does non necessitate the blessing of senate and allows the president to discourse foreign issues without restrictions.

As commanding officer in head. the president is caput of the armed forces. He is responsible for all defensive forces and units. The president may besides present service decorations to honour soldiers. The powers the president receives as commanding officer in head are his constitutional powers. The president may direct military personnels to action. but merely Congress can declare war. The president may make up one’s mind whether or non to bomb foreign metropoliss. or forestall a rebellion. For illustration. President Bush carried out the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Congress has merely officially declared war five times. If a president wishes to light war without congress’s blessing. he may turn to an executive order which does non require’s congress’s formal blessing. The president may besides utilize some pacts such as NATO. to declare war. For illustration. President Bush launched an onslaught on Afghanistan which was supported by NATO.

As main legislator. the president guides Congress in its legislation abilities. The president besides gives his province of brotherhood reference to congress. The reference discusses what the president wishes to carry through and the country’s foreign and domestic place. The president must besides subscribe a measure for it to became a jurisprudence. This is the concluding measure of the legislation procedure. But Congress may overrule the Presiden’s veto by a 2/3rd bulk ballot in both War houses ( House of Representatives and Senate ) . Truthfully. Congress has the power to do Torahs. But the president’s constitutional powers allow him to act upon Congress.

As head of party. the president must assist members of his political party get elected or appointed to office. The president may take party members to function in his cabinet. The president besides makes addresss needed for re-election so he can function a 2nd term. The president. as party leader. is in charge of fund-raising for his political party. For illustration. the president holds fund-raising dinners to fund for his party. The invitees normally pay a certain fee to go to the dinner. Similar to caput of province. the president must stand for his political party during addresss keeping democratic/republican positions. For illustration. president Obama held a fundraising event at celebrated celebreity. George Clooney’s place. The fundraising event revenued a sum of 15 million dollars.

As economic leader. the president is expected to do the economic system every bit stable as possible. The president must supervise certain things such as unemployment. revenue enhancements. concern net incomes. and the properity of the state. The president much meeti with economic leaders in order to cut down unemployment. or increase gross. To increase the stableness of the state. the president may make more occupations or increase the net income of the federal authorities. As economic leader. the president plans the federal budget. For illustration. president Obama discussed future economic programs with the leader of China. This is besides an illustration of the president’s Chief Diplomatic powers.