My Personal Ethics Essay

Personal Ethics Statement Final Project My Personal Ethics Statement: In the world today I think that some have forgotten how personal ethics can play an important role in the success or failure in a person life weather it’s at work or in an educational setting it is quite often forgotten. It is very important that we pay attention to our surroundings and how we treat and interact with others we want to make sure that we carry ourselves in dignified and respectful manner and try a be mindful of those around us.

I think that having good morals and being rational about life can also help you go far but you have to work hard at it and stay focused. If you lose yourself and don’t have any moral or ethic standard you may find life struggles being even harder and the people that you encounter may put distance between you and them. This is the reason that I pride myself on being a rational and compassionate individual that loves to interact with other I love helping and doing what I can to contribute weather it at work or in an academic environment I am always conscientious of my ethical behavior an how other may be viewing my actions.

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I know that I view others actions and how they treat people especially in the work environment I notice that some people are not approachable or don’t want to be team players I find it hard to work with people like that, I want other to know that if It is something that I can help them with I will, they don’t have to feel uncomfortable coming to me for help and that when they see me they get good vibes, I also want others to know that I’m trust worthy and reliable.

I think in both of these type of setting weather it is at work or school we all should have some type of ethical guidelines to follow so that everyone is unison in what is to be expected from us and those guidelines should be upheld in high regards so that things run smoothly and orderly and no one has to guess about the way they should conduct themselves ethically. My Ethical Lens Inventory Discoveries: My Preferred Ethical Lens

What I was able to learn from reading my personal ethical lens I try to balance and reasoning in a sensible way that can help others be treated justly. I try to understand the behavior behind others actions a try to find a reasonable and just solution my person ethic lens suggest that my character traits and virtues will best serve the community by assuring fairness and justice for all I believe everyone should be treat equal and fair and we all should be have a fair shot and equal shot at life and everything good it has to offer.

My Strengths and Weaknesses: I learned that my strengths are that I tend to think through problems carefully and look at other options, I also pay attention to experts on the subject and to others that are in my role to see what did or handle situations, I like to make informed decisions without harming anyone. My weaknesses are because I believe that a consistent process results in a just outcome for all.

And I developed an unrealistic role for expectations forgetting individuals are fallible regardless of their role basically I have high expectations for everyone. My Values and Resultant Behaviors: What I learn is that I value the social aspect that is achieved through loyalty and consistency when it come to dealing with member of the community I wish for a system that delivers equal justice for all and hope for the well being of others I demonstrate a courage and steadiness when faced with obstacles I try to avoid rash actions but will sometimes test the waters.

I would use my personal ethics to determine a course of action in the following ways: I will use my personal ethics to determine a course of action by continuing to be a loyal person that is willing to help others I believe everyone deserve a fair chance and I and will to help others achieve it.

I take what I learn about my personal ethics and apply it to my educational journey and they field of work that I plan to go into I think it will be good apply my values to my education because I love interacting with others and can try to relate to them which can be beneficial when working on collaborative projects also I plan on continuing to work in healthcare doing administration work I hope that I can get a position that will allow me to use my skills I would love to work on getting people insured or helping other find ways that can help them pay their medical bills there are so many things that I want to do to apply my personal ethic too.