My Role Model Essay

I believe everyone should have someone who inspires them to make the most of themselves. I am lucky enough to have two people to inspire me daily. The two people who inspire me most are my step sister Marissa and my mom. The person who has the biggest influence in my life is Marissa, because to strive for my goals was the most important lesson she taught me but also much about never giving up on myself. I have been close to Marissa ever since I was eleven years old. I’m so thankful to Marissa for always being there for me through the rough times throughout my life.

Marissa has always been my role model. I have admired her success. I wish to grow into an amazing person just like her, to get the most I can out of life. Because of Marissa’s strong influence, I find a career in the medical field very fascinating. I am always impressed that she has started working with patients through volunteer work at my age and rose to be a certified nurse’s assistant in just a few short years. She has supported my interest in the medical field and so happy for me when I got into a medical class at Churchill High school.

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I also admire my mother’s devotion to try, to her best ability, to make her children happy and support them. This was a struggle and quickly became something she has to face with every day. This bump in the road took up her life until she married Barry Schumer. Since then, my mom doesn’t have to work alone to give her children what they need, she has her husband’s help and support. I can’t explain how proud I am of my mother for everything she had to lose and suffer just for her kids. Her passion as a mother shows how much she loves her five kids.

My mother’s accomplishments have meant the world to me. She has been a big part of my life, showing me right from wrong. I hope to inherit her virtues and work as hard as she has for me in order to make her proud. In the end, it all comes down to where you are in your life. For everyone to succeed, they must have one or many inspirations. I am truly lucky to have my mom and Marissa in my life. They show me to never give up and to overcome any obstacles in my way to succeeding in life.