Myanmar ($ 5 entrance). We especially liked

Myanmar (or Burma) is the least visited country in all of Southeast Asia (apart from Brunei). A little less than 400 thousand tourists visit it every year. Nothing compared to the 20 million that visit Thailand or the 23.4 million that go to Mexico (see ranking of most tourist countries). Myanmar-en-google-maps It is normal, then, that even the most touristy place in Myanmar is still full of authenticity.Myanmar is an ideal country for those who have previously traveled through Southeast Asia and seek a little more adventure, who do not mind having to travel backpacking, spending long hours on buses or sleeping in very basic accommodations. Sometimes Myanmar seems a mixture of Southeast Asia and India (2% of Burmese have Indian roots).For now, you can not enter traveling by land to Myanmar, only by plane. To make the route more comfortable, I recommend you enter through Yangon and exit through Mandalay, or vice versa. You have low cost flights to both cities from Bangkok with Airasia.This little guide from Myanmar aims to give ideas to those who want to travel for the first time to the country:Yangon, the largest cityYangon is the main city of Myanmar. Most people arrive or leave the country from their airport. It is an interesting city although it does not fall in love either. The most famous of the city is the Schwedagon pagoda (Buddhist temple), which is believed to be the oldest in the world ($ 5 entrance). We especially liked climbing to Sakura Tower from where we could see the views of the city at € 2 beer. The best area to walk is the center where most of the buildings of the colonial era are located.Pyay, a village on the way northPyay is a small town between Yangon and Bagan that few people visit, and that is perhaps what makes it more interesting. The village is quite beautiful, it reminded me of Luang Prabang in Laos. Eating by the river, climbing the pagoda to the Shwesdanaw Paya or renting a bicycle and going for miles are the best things to do. I leave you the email of U Thaw, a nice Burmese that if you are sure that he will be happy to meet you and perhaps guide you: [email protected] On the outskirts of the village there are the ruins of Thayekhittaya ($ 4), the truth is that they are not worth much. What is good are the towns you cross to get to them. To go from Pyay to Bagan you must take two buses, one of 6 hours (10,000 Kyat) and the other one of 1 hour (4000 kyat).Bagan and its 4000 templesBagan is surely the most popular destination in Burma. Few tourists are left to lose the more than 4000 temples scattered across the Bagan plain. What is known as Bagan is actually divided into three parts: Nyaung U (where most hostels are), Old Bagan (where there are some temples and nothing else) and New Bagan (where there are more hostels and restaurants). And in the middle, the thousands of temples. Ideally, rent a bicycle (€ 1 a day) and explore the area, visiting the most famous temples you can enter: Shwezigon Paya, Ananda Patho, Thatbyinnyu Pahto, Gawdawpalin Pahto and Dhammayangyi Pahto, although you do not need to enter everybody. Actually the best experience in Bagan is to climb one of the highest temples to watch the sunset. It is an almost mystical experience. The permit to visit the area costs 10 $, although they do not ask for it in any temple, they usually charge the hostels when you check in (some do not charge it). Other ways to get around Bagan are the taxi (15,000 Kyat for 3 hours) or the horse-drawn carriage (5,000 Kyat go and return to a temple to watch the sunset).Inle Lake, another of the essential placesInle Lake is, next to Bagan, the most famous place in Myanmar. This fantastic lake is 22km long and inhabits different tribal villages that have lived in the lake for hundreds of years, some of them in authentic floating villages. One of the best known characteristics of the inhabitants of the lake is its way of rowing: standing on top of the boat and moving the oar with the leg. Most people stay in the village of NyaungShwe, from which you can rent boats for trips on the lake or bicycles to explore the area. If you visit the Bro orphanage. Felice Orphanage and bring them school supplies, you will be very grateful.Rent a boat is not a problem since there are many and offer fairly good prices. An all-day route usually costs as little as 15 or 20,000 Kyat (there are about 6 people in it).Mandalay, the old capitalMandalay is the second largest city in the country and the former capital of the country before the British invasion. In the city itself what one should miss is the market and Mount Mandalay Hill (during the evening). It is not worth much to enter the Palace since the entrance is quite expensive. It can be seen from outside. Then there are the surroundings of Mandalay, which are perhaps what makes it interesting to come here: Ming