Name: in Business-management which encompasses subjects like

Name: Jimeet Romen Shah

Semester: Fall 2018

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Business Management



Watching my father grow in his field of managing business over complex projects while dealing with his organisational planning and people, it was intriguing and inspiring as to how effective communications and the right management style could change the pathway of Business operation and customer behaviour. I had since then been motivated to work towards growing into a true professional yearning to learn Business Management skills.



I chose those subjects in my high school which would prepare me for my endeavour. Little did I know that my career choice of pursuing subjects like Accounts and Business studies would fuel a fire within me of gaining momentum in pursuing my aspiration to be an entrepreneur while providing employment. I enjoy studying the current subjects of accounts, economics and business studies and tend to strongly engage with them.



My academic Interests and abilities are well aligned to my goal to do big in life.  I wish to hence study in those university, where I can actualise my dreams and groom my personality. During my time in university I would strive to focus on the theoretical parts of my subjects with case-based learning and adequate practical project learning.



I especially look forward to a course in Business-management which encompasses subjects like Finance, Accounts, Business administration, HR management, International Marketing strategies, financial market along with investment banking which would give a wider latitude on how operations run all over the world. To be specific, I would be happy to learn about Cost estimations and financial accounting of projects, the implicit cost that would lie in an investment, importance and consequence of decision making, management of product delivery with quality, resource management, identify core business influences, skills connected to dispute resolution, managing client relations , navigating around risk and change et al. Start-ups have taken the world by storm and studying about them while embracing my good social skills would assist me to start a successful career. I derive that my soft skills would also gain proficiency towards public speaking, confidence, Effective communication, networking and time management.



It wouldn’t be out of turn to mention that I hold deep interests in sports, dance and photography. My participation in sports has allowed me to understand the virtues of being a good team player. I have also been the Student’s President of my school photography club and have enjoyed the learning and the teaching experience. This has abled me with good leadership attributes. I look forward to being an active member of the Campus Communities.



The subjects being administered under your curriculum suits my interests in perfectness. I have also read the structured approach the university has. It was good to even understand from senior colleagues about the extra efforts put in by faculty members and alumni base for students willing to put in extra efforts or those requiring additional attention. Under the expert guidance of your esteemed faculty, I wish to be trained for a career in Business studies. My current ability to relate to people, while I learn all that is required would be a good enabler for nurturing my ambition. Your course content will also assist me to comprehend the business-financial world, and develop those team building and leadership skills.