National Concern – North Korea Essay

‘What do you believe is the most of import international concern right now? ’ Out of wonder. I conducted a little study and asked that really inquiry to people on the streets. As I expected. most of them revealed it was the struggles in North Korea. There are many ways to depict North Korea. It is a state under a dictator leading. a state with a really serious poorness job. and a state that late became ill-famed with its defence for atomic arms. However. I would wish to depict the state as a kid – a hapless. desolate. and lonely kid.

It is true that many people are scared of North Korea and the activities it is involved with. such as atomic testing. However. I am more disquieted than afraid about the state. As I mentioned above. I think North Korea is like a kid – a kid that needs a defender to take it back onto the right way. And because such kid was left entirely since the Korean War and was forced to turn up by itself. it now wants attending from other states. Many politicians are offering solutions for North Korea and for its actions. Many are proposing for war since North Korea is disrespectful and really egocentric.

Others want peace. without any bloodshed. I personally agree with the peaceable method because I know we can work out this job by conversation. And I do non desire to contend against the land my household came from. I think the fusion of North and South Korea would assist the state to develop and maturate itself. I know it will take clip to equalise the state both. politically and economically. I besides do non anticipate another miracle to go on like Germany. But if such fusion is possible. so the universe would hold succeeded in accomplishing more universe peace.

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Another solution is to hold a universe conference to understand each other better. instead than to merely state each other what they want and what they do non. I know how sensitive all states are these yearss. with struggles go oning day-to-day and with the universe acquiring progressively complicated and crowded. However. if the states could step back from their ain jobs and look into the bosom of the mater of planetary issues for a minute. they would be able to understand each other better and assist work out the North Korea’s job with a willingness to see universe peace.

If both methods do non go on in the following 5 old ages – which is extremely possible – I am ready to fall in the United Nations to assist fight the peace for Korea. I am a individual who thinks that life is excessively short and that I want to seek and see every bit much as I can to make my ends. Therefore. if politicians do non do any actions. I will step in to accomplish my ultimate life’s end: Korean Peace. I will fall in the United Nations. the organisation that has helped to convey in peace for many states. I am a house truster that eternal enterprise can convey in success.

Many people will likely happen my solutions infantile and idealistic. After all. the universe is a far more complex topographic point than a adolescent may believe. However. one thing I know for certain: my passion for universe peace is stronger than most people. And if the passion remains as I mature mentally and intellectually over the following few old ages. I am certain that I will do a difference for both. North Korea and the universe. And for that embodied kid of Korea. it will some twenty-four hours turn up a incorporate. matured and peaceable individual like how I ever dream it would be. Nothing is impossible without hope. religion and finding.