National Honor Society Admissions Essay

National Honor Society Application Essay When I first received the letter inviting me to apply to the National Honor Society, my initial thoughts were of appreciation for the recognition of my hard work during this past academic year. To think of myself as a member of the NHS is an honor that could have a profound impact on my future. Over the past several years I have driven myself to become a much more motivated person. Along with achieving a GPA of 3. 7, which is a personal best, I have also motivated myself to lose 35 pounds, which has helped me to have the self-confidence to take a more active leadership role in encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle. To be considered a member of this prestigious organization is both an honor and a challenge to continue to improve both my body and my mind as I embark upon the journey of a higher education. Being chosen as a candidate for membership of the NHS has caused me to reflect on my personal achievements.

With striving for academic excellence, I have gained personality traits that will be fitting for a member of the NHS. Intelligence is a common quality of members in the NHS, but traits of my personality such as being amiable, sensible, and diligent are also valued characteristics. Along with my personality, I will be contributing my talent as a musician and my love for helping others. I have wanted to get more involved in my community. I know that being a member of the NHS will help me to contribute more in this area.

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Being in the Collingswood HS Marching Band for five years has put me in the position of being an example to the younger members. I have learned that patience, and perseverance are valued qualities in a leader. When helping a new member of my section in the band this year, I had to be patient with her so that she would be able to be able to contribute positively to the performance. Also, when time management between school, band, and other responsibilities have weighed heavily on me, I have learned to persevere and I have passed this trait on to others.

There are many different types of leaders, but being in the NHS will push me to become a great leader. To have a goal enables a person to do his/her best in whatever they set out to accomplish. Achieving academic excellence in high school has given me a love of learning. This desire for more knowledge propels me towards a college education that will prepare me to do my best in my future. Having the perseverance to become healthier has inspired me to work toward being a dietician. I have chosen his career goal because an increasing number of people in our country are struggling with obesity. In addition to these goals of a higher education and a career path, I would like to be a mother and raise my own family. Family is very important to me because I believe that family has a major influence on one’s personality. Without the influence of my family, I would not be who I am today. As an individual with prominent leadership skills, a love for helping others, and dedication to my academics and other programs, I am a fit candidate for the National Honor Society.

I hope to become a member of this honorable organization so that I will be challenged to further improve my body and mind as I continue on my journey of achieving a higher education. To be inducted into the National Honor Society would enable me to list this as my highest accomplishment of my high school career, thus recognizing all of my hard work when striving to be a great scholar. If inducted into this selective organization, I will have proof for others and myself that I can meet almost any challenge in my path.