NUCLEAR TANK – CHRYSLER TV-8During the Cold War era, the NATO commander was worried that the Soviet Union would use a tactical Nuclear Weapon to change the course of ground warfare. Chrysler is a car company based in Michigan, United States, developing a Tank called Chrysler TV-8 specifically designed to withstand Soviet Nuclear attacks, but until now Chrysler TV-8 was never in mass production.To survive the Nuclear Explosion, Chrysler TV-8 has a strange configuration. All the essential components of the Tank are in the upper body, including all the weaponry and the engine. The upper body is completely enclosed from the outside world, even this Tank equips itself with a camera connected to the monitor in the cabin, as an eye for the crew to monitor the movement of the Tank.Designed as a Medium Tank, Chrysler TV-8 has a standard 90 millimeter weapon, an unusual weapon for conventional medium tanks, on the other hand is that the Tank has a disadvantage that its muzzle is unplayable which means the crew must align the Tank track with a target shot. After investigating the draft, the US Army decided that the project did not give any significant returns to the project.NUCLEAR BAZZOKA – M-29 DAVY CROCKETTIt is not surprising that the various nations involved in the Cold War developed a “crazy” weapons system but as we know, NATO has a monopoly over the use of a strange Nuclear Weapon. Faced with the danger of Soviet land invasion in Europe, the United States spent a lot of money to develop a small Nuclear Weapon that could change the course of war. One of the proposed Nuclear Weapons is M-29 Davy Crockett. M-29 Davy Crocket is a bazooka-like weapon that can fire a small Nuclear.Originally Davy Crockett was operated by a three-man team, then the US Army modified the weapon to be placed on jeeps and other combat vehicles. Unfortunately M-29 Davy Crockett is not an effective weapon, its rocket only has a very small radiation radius and the resulting Nuclear Radiation Effect is very harmful to Europeans in the future.In fact, this weapon is fairly easy to operate, the Crew first fired a 37 millimeter spotting round to know the distance to the target and its track, even with the use of spotting rounds, Davy Crockett’s accuracy is very disappointing. During testing in Nevada, spotting round projectiles actually landed at a distance of tens of meters from the target, this is a confusing reality for a nuclear weapon. The project was considered a failure but M-29 Davy Crockett remained sent to Europe in 1961 and 1971 even though this weapon was never fired during Europe.