Ø for acquit of sewage effluents and


•     In Haifa
where for years the population suffers from the fumes emission of the local oil
plant and the Israel Electric Company plant. They are also suffer from Sulphur
dioxide emissions due to more than four time advanced than the regular

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1200 people die each year due to
air pollution in Israel.

Israel has been ranked 25th
among 39 OECD member countries in terms of air quality.


•     On the
whole of systems used in Israel for acquit of sewage effluents and the
sedimentation and exposure to air ponds and the sewage treatment plants are
scarce to the demands placed on them today.

More than 80% of Israel trash is buried
in dumps.


•     Toxic waste
permission in Israel has significantly enhanced over the earlier period, but is
still a long way from acceptable.

At the same time toxic waste from
farming and from family and small businesses has hardly been addressed. Humanitarian
general public sometimes assemble used battery that poison the groundwater with
a mixture of metals counting nickel, and lithium, but once they have composed
them, no one seem to be clever to classify any transfer to the toxic squander

Ø  Water pollution and water

They face the problem of water
pollution because of many chemical industries direct discharge their polluted water
into the rivers. Because of global warming their level of sea is also increased
and 2.8M people lives are at risk. They also faced the shortages of water
because of more demand than supply, little rainfall and rivers are highly polluted.

Israel has been ranked 34th
among 39 OECD member countries in terms of water satisfaction.



v Steps Taken By Israel Government for Healthy

Ø  Reforestation:-

David Ben-Gurion declared, “I do not know if there
is a more productive endeavor whose results are useful as the planting of


Israel is a worldwide leader of
reforestation and life conservation. Israel is one of the few countries that
started the 21st century with added trees than it had at the start
of the 20th century. Also the empathetic organization has planted added than
240 million trees in Israel including 12,500 acres of forest every year.

Ø  Substitute Energy:-


In 2007, Israel was chosen as US’s
partner in option energy investigates, temporary a law to give millions of
dollars to finance joint investigate projects to help together country.

Israeli company Innowattech has
urbanized a new substitute energy system that harvests mechanical energy
imparted to roadways, railways and runways as of passing vehicles, trains and
walker traffic and converts it into green electricity.

Ø  Water Conservation:-

From 1959, Israel has been a leader
in water conservation with a popular slogan “Don’t Waste a Drop”.

Israel treats 92 % of its
wastewater and reuses 75 % in agriculture which is the highest pace in the world.

Ø  Agricultural Development:-


Israeli company uses Bio-Bee
Biological Systems like bumblebees and crop fly to support cross-pollination
and control pests in an eco-friendly way.

Also an Israeli scientist urbanized
a mixture of tilapia seek that thrive in burning, salty waters, which resulted
ten times more fish to Israeli fish farmers.