Online Site with Grading System Essay

Neumann Academy Inc. is a fast developing non-sectarian Basic Education School located at 621 San Francisco St. , Manuyo, in Las Pinas City. It was founded by Mr. George Neumann and wife Dr. Hedilisa A. Neumann in 1989 as pre-school with an initial enrolment of 70 students and with only 4 faculty members. From then on, the academy increases in its population statistics year after year, to date, it opens its High School Department with an initial number of 9 enrollees in the 1st year Level. Neumann Academy Inc. s housing its students in a three-storey building occupying a more or less 1 hectare lot with adequate number of learning classrooms for students. Amenities are complete from library to computer laboratory. Soon another building will rise in addition. Neumann’s Academy Inc. used a manual grading system on their past years of operating the school. They usually used to write the scores and grades of their students on class records manually. Then every after grading period, the teachers/faculty computes all the recorded grades of all the students they handle one by one also in a manual way.

After computing the grades manually, the teachers will send the computed grades to the principal for approval so that the grades with permission may now distribute by the teachers. Sending and approving grades may take few days before the distribution. And the last thing is the distribution of grades which scheduled for a day that also takes time because of some who did not attend and get the grades. Online Grading System able the teachers a quick and easy update, track, and grade the student’s performance in much less time than they ever thought possible. Parents and students also enjoy being able to take part in an online grading system.

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This is because students and parents can access an online grading system with a password and can track grades and announcements whenever they need to. This helps students become more aware of their grades and also helps parents get involved in their child’s schooling. And as any teacher will tell you, when parents and teachers can work together to help a child succeed, that child has a much better chance of getting the most out of his or her schooling. The other great thing about an online grading system is that it can also be used to create report cards, assignment reports, class rade lists, student GPA, seating charts, roll sheets, attendance reports, and more. And by using Email/SMS, the parents will be notified about some announcements of the school such as the distribution of the grades of their child through the world wide web and cellular phones. Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study is to develop a computer system that will generate an online site integrated grading system with email/sms notification, and help the users lessen the task that they do in terms of computing, distributing and viewing of grades.

The purpose of this study is to answer the following questions: a. What does the school need to have an easy way of computing, recording and distributing the grades of all their students? b. What can make the parents be informed with the grades of their child? c. How will the teachers compute the grades of their students in easy way? Objectives General Objective To be able to apply online site integrated grading system with Email/SMS notification for Neumann’s Academy, Inc. Specific Objectives 1. To provide a WEB-based site with computing, recording and distributing of grades. . To update the parents about the grades of their child via SMS/E-mail. 3. To create automatic and hassle free computation of grades. Significance of the Study The promoters believe that this research will help the academy’s enhancement. The study will help the academy to be with the enlightening modern technology. Academy: The Academy can compete with other high technology systems of other academy. Teachers: They will have quick and easy process on recording, computing and distributing of their students’ grades.

Principal: They will have easy access on evaluation of the grades and the one who will approve before distributing them. Students: They can have easy access on viewing their grades. Parents: They are informed about the grades of their child. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This study is focused on online site integrated grading system with email/smsnotification, the users will be using the following modules: IN and OUT Module- module from where the admin/users can access their accounts and to view some information about the school.

Student’s Module- Shows the information and grades of the students. Teacher’s Module – Shows easy evaluation for the teachers and submittion of the grades of the students. Principal/Admin’s Module – Shows the evaluation of the teachers and the students. Computing Module- Allows the user/teacher to compute grades automatically. Recording/Printing Module- Form where the user/teacher will record and print the file of computed grades. Approval Module- Form where the admin/principal will approve the computed grades before the distribution.

Notification Module- This module is seen by the principal to have notified that she received the grades that she will approve, and by the teachers for them to have notified that they can already distribute the grades after the principal’s approval. Grades Module- Allows the students to view their grades. SMS/E-mail Module- Module from where the announcements will be distributed via SMS to the parents/guardians. Motivation Why an online site and grading system with email/sms notification important to the beneficiaries? It is because the system will create and produce efficient and effective report.

The online site will give the user some information about the school and the user can also access their accounts online. By using the grading system that automatically computes and distributes the grades will help the teachers in computing the grades of their students. And by receiving email/sms notification, the student’s parents/guardians, will informed about the schedules of the distribution of the grades and announcements of all the activities and programs of the academy. As a whole, making an online site integrated grading system with email/sms notification makes a big difference in working hours comparing the existing ones.