Opportunity solve the problems? Urgent (Y/N) Pervasive

Opportunity Assessment –
Business Proposal

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Proposal for



1. AUdience


2. Problems to solve

Market What are the business problems? Are they urgent or
critical? Why? If not urgent today, when will they become urgent? Are the
problems pervasive? Are people willing to pay to solve the problems?

Urgent (Y/N)

Pervasive (Y/N)

Willing to Pay (Y/N)

Problem One




Problem Two




Problem Three




Problem Four








3. distinctive competencY (why are we the best suited to pursue

distinctive competency is a competency unique to a business
organization, a competency superior in some aspect than the competencies
of other organizations, which enables the production of a unique value proposition
in the function of the business.



4. Competitive Landscape

describe the competitive landscape and what advantage you would have against
the competition.



5. Technology Assessment

Is the need
driven by a technology shift? What are the technical issues or opportunities?
Can you leverage technology you already have or can obtain?



6. market opportunity

What is
compelling about this market opportunity? What is the market segment? How big
is the segment? Do you know the revenue potential? Are the problems currently being solved or have you uncovered unmet
needs? If there are current solutions, why should the company create another




What is the
market window/timing?



8. What is Gtm strategy?

How we bring
this solution to market (as part of another effort/offering?, through partners,

How we bring this solution to market (via part of another
effort/offering?, through partners, etc.)?

Marketing strategy involves the
ongoing activities to market products and services – it defines what we say, how we say it, where we say it.
Go To Market strategy is a component of the overall marketing strategy and
focuses on what offerings are brought to market, who they are suited for, and
how …and their product lifecycle. Impacts all functions within an organization
with the goal of preparing it for market success.


 Focus (in brief as GTM
strategy will go into more detail later) on core issues like;

Who are you selling to? In what
potential markets? At what price?

What are you trying to accomplish?

What will you deliver? How will you
compete? (price, value, technology, etc.)

Distribution strategy: How will you
sell and deliver to your customers? (Acq.)

How will you increase $ (Ret.)




9. What FACTORS ARE Critical to success?




10. How will we measure success?

adoption, market share, etc.



11. What evidence do you have?

Describe the
research you conducted, or sourced from a third party.



12. Strategic Value and RISKS?

Describe the risks associated with the
opportunity – what are they if we choose to proceed, what would they be if we
choose not to proceed, etc.