Organisational Behaviour Individual Assignment Essay

The manner the direction leads a company can play an of import function as to how the company will execute. Because of the different manners of leading, it can impact the organizational public presentation of a company in many different ways depending on how effectual the leader is and the types of schemes that are put frontward by the direction squad in a concern. As to what leading is and how it can impact a company ‘s public presentation will be discussed in this paper along with some theories and illustrations to break describe direction.

Harmonizing to McShane, Olekalns & A ; Travaglione ( 2010 ) leading is about the influencing, actuating every bit good as the enabling of others to lend towards the success of the administration that the employees are working for. But because any individual can non manage the duty entirely they have to portion the leading with a figure of other people which form portion the direction squad of a concern. LaFrance and Placide ( 2009 ) have stated that Kotler believes that leading is about developing and pass oning a class of action which prepares the concern for alteration. This position on shared leading which is leading being loosely distributed between a figure of people alternatively of being assigned to one individual so that they can all take each other ( McShane, Olekalns & A ; Travaglione, 2010 ) . This is a good point as people have different thoughts and schemes as to how to take their company to success, therefore constructing upon each other ‘s which makes it more effectual and easier to pull off the company.

When it comes to leading there are many positions presented in assorted texts sing this subject where there is a competence position, behavioral position, the eventuality position, transformational position, the inexplicit leading position every bit good as the cross cultural and gender issue in leading position. Each of these different types of positions when it comes to leading will impact the manner in which a company is managed through these different manners of taking a concern.

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One of these manners would be the competence position of leading where it is about the involvement in the different personal features that people have. This distinguishes people that have the accomplishments and features that can do them a possible great leader to take a company. The features under this peculiar theory in respects to effectual leaders include the personality of a individual, self-concept, drive, cognition of the company, leading motive, unity, practical intelligence every bit good as emotional intelligence ( McShane, Olekalns & A ; Travaglione, 2010 ) .

As for the behavioral position of leading it is about taking a company based on the leader ‘s behavior such as demoing that they have a general concern for their workers by doing certain that they are looking at and taking attention of their demands every bit good as listening to all of their concerns. Given this manner of leading, employees should be given to wish working for the company as their leader really displays concern to them in which should increase work productiveness. This can be seen through Elton Mayo ‘s survey about the relationship between productiveness and human dealingss. As articulated by Rieger ( 1995 ) , one of Elton ‘s rules was that directors should be concentrating on their employees because they are the key to a company ‘s endurance. This is true because although the direction squad in an endeavor are the 1s that lead a company, it is their employees who do the work that has been set out by the leaders in which it truly depends on how the employees do their work.

One of the other positions on leading is the eventuality manner where the manner of leading from the direction depends wholly on the current state of affairs that a company is confronting. The leader of the company must be able to be flexible and is able to easy accommodate their manner to the current given state of affairs. An illustration can be Singapore Airlines where during this clip of an economic downswing there is a well less sum of people going on both domestic and international flights, so because of this they try to market their company more to increase ticket gross revenues. The selling squad would be the leader in this state of affairs where it is their end to publicize Singapore Airlines to increase the ticket gross revenues so they can acquire greater returns during this hard clip. One of the schemes of taking Singapore Airlines for better gross revenues was to hold a publicity back in 2008 and 2009 which they called the Singapore Stopover Holiday 2008-2009 Promo in which clients who purchased tickets during that period were able to avail of legion offers such as free entry tickets to six of the most popular tourer attractive forces, free transportations to and from the hotel and airdrome every bit good as up to 50 % price reduction off bill of fare at the eating houses in hotels. But the best of all is besides holding a price reduction on shopping and a 15 % price reduction on the Singapore Airlines tickets ( Singapore Airlines, 2008 ) . With this, Singapore Airlines was able to see an addition in the ticket gross revenues of riders going with them since this promo included many offers that would be good to anyone traveling on a vacation which affects the administration in a positive manner due to the leading displayed by Singapore Airlines.

The public presentation of an administration such as for a jurisprudence enforcement company will necessitate good sheriffs and heads to take the remainder of the administration to accomplishing their ends of work outing a instance, but this has to be done by doing certain that they have a good relationship with their local authorities every bit good as the condemnable and political justness systems which can all help in accomplishing their ends ( LaFrance and Placide, 2009 ) . The leading accomplishments of being able to be after out all the stairss carefully to be able to do certain that their instance is headed the right manner to work out the instance given to them successfully is of import so that it will better the organizational public presentation. If the leaders in charge of the instance did non hold the proper job work outing accomplishments and is besides hapless at analyzing informations so you can about be certain that the squad would neglect at work outing the enigma stoping in an unresolved instance since the leader was uneffective therefore the remainder of the employees would besides execute ill.

Having an executive on the other manus who makes hapless determinations such as giving an employee another opportunity even though they have been caught stealing a figure of little office equipment on the footing of believing that everyone does it due to the false consensus consequence and that the employee performs good ( Hayashi, 2009 ) . This signifier of leading seems to be really hapless as the leader of the company does non follow the corporate policies sing larceny in the office, and because of this you can state that this leader will non do great determinations that will impact the company positively but alternatively in a negative manner since they have already broken company policies.

Therefore in decision, it can be seen that leading can straight impact the manner a company performs in which leading is about the manner a individual or squad or people can act upon and actuate the employees in a company to execute to the best of their abilities. As we can see through the illustrations given above, the different positions and theories on leading can besides account as to what sort of consequence it will hold on the administrations public presentation given their ain manner, cognition and accomplishments every bit good as the type of leading that the director believes in will profit the company they are working for. Having the right features and accomplishments to take and direct a company to success is of import to do certain the company achieves its ends.


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