Overall, assist the individual in correcting a

Overall, I think the platoon’s overall
discipline is not so bad. However, there are still times where the standards
are sloppy and all of us get punished then we start to show proper standards.
Yet this would only last for a few weeks then we are back to the same old
standard. I feel that this has become a vicious cycle for the platoon. The problem
behind it is that punishment is given as a platoon rather than individual. I
understand that punishing the platoon for a person’s conduct to simultaneously force
the platoon to help or assist the individual in correcting a mistake, and to
make sure everyone in the platoon acutely aware that their conduct has
consequences for others as well as themselves. With that being said, this is
quite effective during the two weeks of Unit Induction Program. This actually
taught us taking ownership and responsibility for one’s action, and we will work
very hard to avoid embarrassing the platoon to make it look bad and sloppy, or
be seen as an under performer inside the platoon itself. I understand that the
ultimate aim for the “One for all, all for one,” is that we subconsciously learn
that we must try to fix any problems or mistakes as soon as we see it or these
will be on our head, and thus we take initiative.

But the reality happening now is
that no one has that moral courage to do that and I admit that I am one of them
too. Now I feel that holding everyone accountable when only a few are
misbehaving creates resentment and demoralize all the good performers. I
remembered during the second week of December where everyone including the
runners fall in and get punished just mainly for one person’s mistake of lying.
That night, everyone’s morale just dropped. However, one thing stays true is that
the next day, everyone is on the ball with their standards such as from falling
in to marching from point to point. But gradually, we start to slowly show less
standards but still it is not so bad as a whole. Today, the whole platoon book
out late as a punishment for the sloppy performance, bargaining for smoke break
and using phone after lights out. After today, I feel that it actually pays to not
march properly with 90/45 and using phone when it is lights out, because everyone
will get punished together and then you won’t find it unjust when you inevitably
get punished. There is no reason or benefit to giving 100% of effort. Your hard
work and effort means nothing in a collective punishment environment. Despite
learning that, I still chose to do the fair thing but I guess that’s my
weakness. I don’t expect any praises or rewards for doing what is right but I feel
that those who are constantly making the same mistakes should be the only ones
getting punished. It doesn’t work since the same offenses like using phone
after lights out are committed over and over and over. The punishment need to
crack down hard on the trouble makers, and treat the remainder of the platoon
with respect. I know our commanders are tired of reminding us the same thing
over and over again, so punishing the whole platoon to ‘self-police’ each other
makes more sense and effective. But, this collective punishment may work
decades ago when everyone could get together and give the guy who screw up a
blanket party. Now, anyone who fucks up and gets everyone in trouble is not to
be touched. Everyone has the right to be stupid and if we hurt their feelings
by telling them they are stupid; we get in trouble. If we try to talk to them,
they blow us off because there is nothing we can do to them because they will
be still doing the same things. To me, my point of view towards collective
punishment is that it is the commanders’ way of telling the unit “I do not
have the tools and experience to deal with this problem or person. Therefore, I
will make you all miserable in the hopes that you can do my job.” As
mentioned, since no one in the platoon is capable of solving this, hence I feel
that our commanders can implement with harsher punishment that is specifically
aimed at offenders. Only with a zero tolerance policy, you’ll see these issues
go away, because the standard will be set

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