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The Trouble with Antibiotics

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investigates the rising crisis of antibiotic resistance. In the
documentary, scientists warn that the world is at risk of losing the
supreme power of antibiotics which plays a major role in saving
correspondent David E. Hoffman travels the country to investigate
new research out of various regions like Arizona, Pennsylvania and
North Texas focusing on how antibiotics on the American farm might
be rocketing the crisis of antibiotic resistance for humans. One of
his findings is that there exists a gap as far as data collection
and history of antibiotic usage in the farms is concerned. Nearly 40
years ago, scientists and government officials in the FDA had tried
to raise their concerns on antibiotic use in farms to no avail, this
including resistance from congress. Despite the health concerns, the
government to this date has been really slow to take action to limit
antibiotic use on the farm. FRONTLINE in a bid to uncover the
controversies in farms and their lack of follow up data on antibiotic
use, raises question about why that information doesn’t exist at all.
a second section, FRONTLINE covers the story of a superbug outbreak
at one of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals, the clinical
center at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The bug they
battled is commonly known as KPC. This outbreak started with a rare
lung infection patient who was diagnosed with the superbug. The
hospital took extreme isolation measures to no avail. They realized
very late that there existed silent carriers of the bacteria.
Unfortunately, the result of the outbreak was that some patients
succumbed to the superbug that was resistant to all the antibiotics
that the hospital experts had used. FRONTLINE goes ahead to narrate
of a 19 year old Troy Sullen whom after undergoing a bone marrow
transplant, was later admitted at NIH with serious skin infection.
Several treatment approaches were taken on him but never getting
better. He was later diagnosed with KPC and due to his weak immunity,
he passed on. Hospital records show he was the last victim of the
KPC outbreak.
is pretty emotional and a deep concern that a person who had tackled
a gruesome medical procedure perishes due to an infection that
couldn’t be cured.