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Independent Variable

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Salinity of soil**.    ______ trials with the following concentrations  :

1. 0.00%

2. 0.25%

3. 0.5%

4. 0.75%

5. 0.1%

Dependent Variable

Number of days for seeds to germinate

**Concentrations of salt do not include any naturally occurring salt in the substrate or water

Controlled Variables——

Seed- The same seed will be used throughout the experiment.

Salt – The same salt will be used in all soils that are being treated with salt but the amount of salt will vary for different soils.

 Amount of Water – all the seeds used in the experiment will be given equal amount of water at planting. Water is retained by laying clear plastic wrap over the containers to prevent water evaporating off.

Sunlight -All the seeds will receive the same amount of exposure to sunlight. The amount they receive cannot be measured, but as it is constant, it will not be a factor in any difference between the results of each test.

Temperature – The temperature of the seeds’ environment will be controlled by keeping the
seeds in the same area. This will mean that there is no variation in temperature between them. 

5. Material- 


1. Wheat seed 


2. salt 


3. 6-7 litres tap water


4. 5 take-away containers


5. Electronic balance


6. Black permanent marker pen


7. Metal stirring rod


8. Clear plastic cling wrap


9. Yates GroPlus Multi Purpose Potting Mix


10. Pyrex 1 litre measuring jug


11. Pyrex 500mL measuring jug