People drugs which has been a grace

People  run
behind treatments which causes hazardous to cure cancer ,  treatments which could be injurious to your
health or influenced with conventional treatment such as cancer drugs and
radiotherapy ,where else
the world’s oldest medical therapy brings out the most effective treatment for
it which holds that prevention is the key to cure.  

Cancer has got countless causes like our unsafe
environment, denatured and organised foods, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of
devotional purpose or effort in life. It’s most common basis is extinguised
emotion , which causes aggregation  of
toxic material.

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Various medical scientists all over the world have
found treatments  involving a blend of
siddha medicine and standard chemotherapy along with  ayurvedic drugs which has been a grace for a
lot of cancer patients. People suffering from 
cancer often use touch therapies such as massage and aromatherapy just
because they feel that  these treatments
help them to cope better with cancer. Also, it helps the patients to rejuvenate
the mental and physical pain in their body.

siddhars ransacked deep into the question mark of life through
meditation and learned that cancer is not caused by accidental exposure to
radiation or pathogens, as medical scientists believe. Rather,the violent
process can be reversed by adopting the time tested high-order Siddha medicine
loaded with positive vibrations of Siddha Mantras. Cancer is a disease which
requires frequent observation and keen examining. The suggested cure is to
restart normal metabolism which allows the cells in our body to reverse back to
being normal cells again .The siddha medicines apart from their curative
effects have been observed to provide tranquility of mind in the patients.

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells and is
amongst the life threatening diseases that result in death if not treated on
time. It is found to be the second most common disease in India responsible for
maximum humanity with about 0.3 million deaths per year. This is undischarged
to the poor availability of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Thousands of herbal and
traditional compounds are being concealed worldwide to approve their use as
anti-cancerous drug. Struggling with cancer irrespective of its plot of
circumstance and extremity, is an emotional, physical as well as financial
taint for any person whose suffering from the disease or who has a victim
whose  a near and dear one to them.

Around 80% of the patients imposed with Cancer reach
the doctors in advanced stages when treatment is hard hitting possible. “Cancer
can be obtained by a human body due to the 
exposure of the carcinogens, to X-rays, radioactivity and ultraviolet
radiation. Early diagnosis and treatment cures many types of Cancer where the  method of treatment
depends upon the site and type of cancer.”, says Dr. Deepika Sanjay ,
oncologist, Bangalore. She also adds that ” The rate of success to cure the
treatment depends on the regularity of the patient in intake of medicines and
care taken in observance”. This proves the fact that  regular intake of medicines  improves the patient’s  health quality 
 adding years and peace to  life.

Treating cancer through ayuvedic and siddha has got
two different perspectives, natural preventive approach which includes
consuming fresh greeny vegatables, herbs,spices, avoiding flour, heating oils,
fats, spending time on our daily basis, exercising our body etc.., on the other
hand the constitutional preventive approach includes treatment involving  constitutional herbal protocols like colon
cleansing herbs like skullcap, asafoetida etc, 
and Adaptogenic herbs like mugwort, basil etc.

These preventative approaches to cure cancer can be
put quite simply,like the more we live in harmony, the more we are taking in
the life-enhancing gifts of nature. Cancer is a hint which makes us understand
that our internal environment is disconnected to the external environment. 

“I prefer siddha treatment for my cancer patients
for past 2 decades. All patients under my treatment were cured. I prepare my
own medicines using old books and palm leaves of siddha , which won’t cause
side effects throughout the life inspite being cured ” ,says
Dr.NarayanaSwamy,R.S.M.P , Thirunelveli. But still research done by medical
scientist  is looking into whether some
herbs or plant treatments used in Ayurvedic or siddha  medicine could help to prevent or treat  or 
atleast cure cancer. Where else peeps from many parts of the globe feel
that despite varied scientific treatments ,Siddha therapies verifies to cure
cancer even in this generation.