People for continued success. Proper recruitment and

People in the Human Resource
Management field of life are of the opinion that their success in the field leverages
on their knack of interacting with all walks of life.

Over the years, the importance of
effective Human Resource Management has been highlighted by the increased amount
of published researches within the media.

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Human Resources Management is mostly concerned
with personnel and management policies as well as the systems that influence
the workforce. Hence, it covers all activities of people management in an
organization. According to (), Human Resources Management is concerned with the
effectiveness in humans achieving both organizational and individual goals.


All organizations are made up of
resources such as manpower, money, materials and machineries. These resources
are collected, coordinated and utilized through people. Most importantly one should
note that without manpower, organizations would be nonexistent. The combined
efforts of manpower lead to the effective utilization of other resources in
achieving setout goals and objectives. Of all resources, manpower is the only
resource that does not appreciate with the passage of time (Gupta, 2007). An
organization having the best technology and physical resources without the
right people is doomed to fail and would struggle to achieve its desired goals.


The primary aim of Human Resource
Management is to ensure the availability of the right people for the right jobs
so that all setout organizational goals are achieved effectively and
efficiently (). According to, Human Resource Management functions
are classified into three (3) categories namely; Managerial functions,
Operative functions and Advisory functions.

Functions: These are functions that include planning, organizing,
directing and controlling.

Functions: These functions include recruitment and selection, job
analysis and design, performance appraisal, training and development, wages and
salary administration, employee welfare, labor relations and personnel research.

Functions: The advisory function involves giving advice on human resources
related matters to Top Management and Departmental Heads.


In this era of globalization,
organizations need to survive and succeed, hence employers must be in the
position to propound and practice recruitment and selection of employees in the
best possible way. It is a known fact that the success of any business or an
organization is directly linked to the performance of the workers of that
organization. Interestingly, every organization has its own requirements in
acquiring new talents. However, it is vital that organizations select people
with the quality essential for continued success. Proper recruitment and
selection are the only means of achieving this success.


Recruitment and selection play a crucial
role in the shaping of an organization’s effectiveness and performance as well
as ensuring worker performance and positive organizational outcomes. Over the
years, it has been claimed that the recruitment and selection of workers occurs
not just to replace outgoing employees or add to the workforce but is also
aimed at filling positions with people who can perform at a higher level and
commitment (Ballantyne, 2009).


Recruitment can be defined in so many
ways nevertheless its concept remains the same. Recruitment simply is a support
process of attracting an effective workforce or capable individuals on a timely
basis that contributes to the competitiveness of any organization (Walker,
2009; Boer and Krabbendam, 1996).


The process of attracting an
effective workforce include the following steps:

Predicting the need for new employees based on
existing vacancies.

Using available recruitment procedures to
communicate with potential applicants.

Selecting the best potential applicants from a
pool of applicants.

Welcoming the new employee(s) into the


The recruitment process is closely
followed by the selection process in which the most effective recruited
applicants are selected.

The terms “recruitment” and ”selection”
can be differentiated by establishing a clear link between them by stating the
former is the process of generating a pool of capable applicants to fill
available job vacancies in organization and the later is the process by which specific
instruments are used to choose from the pool of applicants (Bratton and Gold,


Using the right selection methods
ensures that candidates have the right skills for the job as well as the right
personalities to fit into the existing organizational culture.


This study will focus on using the
available E-recruitment procedures of attracting qualified applicants for
available jobs in tertiary institutions in Abuja.