Personal Communication: Texting and Driving Essay

More than 1 trillion text messages were sent worldwide last twelvemonth. Texting while driving has become more common in today’s society than it has of all time been. As a community. we have been bombarded with new engineerings. such as iPhone’s. cell phones. tablets. etc. Harmonizing to the National Safety Council it is estimated that 11 adolescent deceases go on per twenty-four hours. at least 1. 6 million auto accidents. 6. 000 deceases and half a million hurts occur each twelvemonth wholly in consequence of texting while driving.

Texting and driving should be wholly banned and made illegal because it is deflecting. harmful and lifelessly in most state of affairss. As the old ages progress the changeless enlargement of engineering has facilitated society to travel frontward. These changeless growings have allowed us to pass on faster and more expeditiously. Walking can frequently be boring and clip consuming ; drive has allowed us to make our finish a batch faster. Texting became a more efficient manner of communicating because in comparing to phone calls it speeds up the communicating procedure.

Peoples who use cell phones on a day-to-day footing effort to unite texting and driving to do their communicating with work. friends and household even faster put themselves in harmful state of affairss. Texting and drive is a really combative issue in today’s society. It is non out of the ordinary to see person while driving peeking down at his or her cell phone. which in decision causes the driver to non hold full attending on the route at all. When first taught to drive you learn to maintain your custodies on the wheel and eyes on the route. These simple regulations are being disobeyed on a day-to-day footing.

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Harmonizing to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System ( FARS ) distracted drive is a turning public safety jeopardy. Specifically. the dramatic rise in texting volumes since 2005 appeared to be lending to an dismaying rise in distrait drive human deaths ( Fernando 1 ) . In 2011 alone statistics showed that over 6. 000 deceases and over a half a million hurts occurred entirely due to distrait drive. Surveies have shown that about 1 in 6 fatal vehicle hits resulted from a driver being distracted while driving ( Fernando 1 ) .

These types of calamities should non merely go unmarked ; people should be badly punished for texting and driving or making any type of distrait drive at all. When person takes on the act of distrait drive they are non merely seting their ain lives in danger. they are besides seting the life of a completely guiltless alien in a big sum of danger as good. When driving it is non difficult to lose focal point of what is go oning on the route in forepart of you. Person who is texting while driving takes his or her eyes off the route for at least five seconds.

Driving for five seconds is adequate clip to cover over 100 paces. Just conceive of the singular devastation that could be done driving across that sum of route with unopened eyes. That is the danger that you put yourself in by merely directing one text message. It should be illegal for people to take on the act of any type of distrait drive. For person to react to a message their eyes have to be looking down at their phone. wholly off the route. When texting and driving you are losing one of the chief constituents that it takes to drive and that is vision.

Without vision. it is impossible to hold a safe drive. Texting while driving will take that wholly off. No affair how good of a driver you claim to be. without vision anything could go on at any given clip. No affair how speedy you think you are at texting. there is ever that slender opportunity that when you look down you could be the figure one cause of a serious auto accident and cause non merely do injury to yourself but you could besides do serious injury to others as good.

Eyess are cardinal factor when it comes to driving a motor vehicle and when they are non on the route that can do many unsafe and harmful state of affairss to go created. Even if you think you can direct a text message without looking at your phone. do non even seek it because it is non safe what so of all time. Focus is besides a chief constituent in drive every bit good. When on the route the driver needs to be to the full cognizant of his or her milieus. they need to be able to see the route and hear what is traveling on around them.

Anything could go on at any point in clip and holding complete focal point is important. When a text message is being written the drivers attending is entirely focused on what message is being relayed in that text. non on what is go oning on the route in forepart of them. Without complete focal point. it is impossible to hold a safe drive. Bing a adolescent. I come face to face with the impulse to text and drive on a day-to-day footing. Concentrating on the route entirely is already difficult plenty as it is. I could non even conceive of the huge distraction that utilizing my phone while driving would do.

No position update or text message is deserving my life or one of the riders in my autos life so I wholly refrain from making it. Texting while driving has ever made me experience uncomfortable when being a rider in someone’s auto. No affair what anyone says. the distraction that has been brought Forth by utilizing any type of electronic device while in control of a motor vehicle is enormous. Texting and drive is non the lone type of distrait drive that is prevailing in today’s fast turning society. Another taking cause of accidents and unsafe driving extends far beyond texting.

Accessing the cyberspace while on a cell phone while driving increased from 29 % in 2009 to 43 % in 2011 ( Professional Safety ) . Using the cyberspace while in control of a vehicle can be far more distracting and complex so merely directing a text message. Reading societal media webs while driving increased from 21 % in 2009 to 37 % in 2011. Updating societal webs such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram increased from 20 % in 2009 to 33 % in 2011 ( Professional Safety ) . These “simple tasks” becomes a batch more hazardous when put in the mix of runing a motor vehicle.

On January 12th 2012 Taylor Sauer’s made a fatal error. While doing a four-hour thrust from her college Utah State University she was messaging a friend on Facebook really often discoursing the Denver Broncos Football Team. Moments subsequently. Sauer traveling more than 80 miles per hour crashed into a oiler truck. She was killed immediately. research workers saw no marks that she applied brakes before the fatal clang occurred. After look intoing her cell phone records it was clear to authorization that she was posting on the web every 90 seconds during her thrust.

The parents of Taylor are still sorrowing over their 18-year old daughter’s decease and impulse province legislators to go through a prohibition on texting and drive in Idaho ( Inbar ) . Just several yearss ago. the metropolis of Beaufort banned texting and driving and distrait drive in general. The metropolis claimed that surveies have shown that bush leagues using a cell phone while runing a motor vehicle pose a particular danger to other vehicles. bikes and walkers on the roadway and whereas. City Council finds that it is in the best involvement of the citizens and occupants of Beaufort to forbid the usage of cell phones by bush leagues runing a motor vehicle in the metropolis.

The order besides prohibits the usage of a cell phone by anyone under the age of 18 while driving. If caught the operator of the vehicle will be fined between $ 50 and $ 150 dollars ( Hawkins ) . Hopefully this will do a important cut in the distrait drive that takes topographic point in our place town and do our route ways a safer topographic point for us to go. Distracted drive is a really serious offense and should non be disregarded. An 18 twelvemonth old male child by the name of Aaron Deveau. was merely late found guilty of motor vehicle homicide by texting.

Aaron was the first occupant of Massachusetts to be convicted of these coursers. ABC News claimed that on February 20th 2011 while Deveau was in the procedure of directing a text message his truck swerved across the centre line of Haverhill. Massachusetts and crashed caput on into Daniel Bowley. This clang caused the decease of Bowley who was a 55 twelvemonth old occupant of New Hampshire and the male parent of three kids. On June 6. 2012 Deveau was sentenced to a twelvemonth in prison and besides the loss of his licence for 15 old ages for doing a fatal clang by distrait drive ( Davis 1 ) .

Unless a complete exigency has been brought upon you. there is non excuse for utilizing an electronic device while runing a motor vehicle. This wont is wholly un-acceptable and needs to be brought to an terminal. Distracted impulsive causes serious accidents. major hurts and deceases. No text is worth your. or person else’s life no affair what. Death and hurts are lay waste toing and can do huge hurting to your friends and household. So following clip before you go to direct that text while driving merely believe to yourself. is it worth it?