Persuasive Message Essay

We have been an influential part of the community for a few years. Our community looks to us for products and services to keep it clean and reduce their own carbon footprint. We all want to leave a better world for our children and our children’s children. But, it needs to start with us. For example have you ever wanted to lose weight? You join the gym and get a trainer; he gives you advice on what to eat, and how to work out. Your trainer is a physically fit man who is knowledgeable in helping you reach your goals. How excited are you to get fit?

Now, imagine if you had a different trainer; he was not physically fit, but he has a belly and a double chin, but he was knowledgeable. How serious would you take the second trainer? Would you be excited to take his advice? We are innovative in helping our community become more environmentally friendly. We also have great relations with our community, and we want to keep it that way. In recent events, our own Director of Research, has made a few public statements about the environmental practices of some local companies. This is why we need to practice what we preach.

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We are not hypocrites; we care for the environment. We recently had a small drop in sales, but this drop may not be connected to the public statement; yet we cannot take that chance. I am proposing that we as a company practice what we preach. I have noticed that in our own parking lot our company vans, along with our own personal vehicles are not environmentally friendly. People who drive by our facility can see that we do not practice what we preach. This is like the getting the fat trainer at the gym. We will not be taken seriously and look like frauds. That negative image can ruin and close our business.

A local hybrid dealership is offering discounts to companies to buy hybrid vehicle for the company if they encourage employees to buy personal vehicles. We can buy three hybrid company vans, and encourage our employees to buy hybrids for themselves, and we can offer those rebates. I need your approval pursue this idea any further. But I believe that it will be a great publicity for our company. There are some concerns; I do understand that some of our vans still have some life in them, but we can trade or sell three vans to replace with hybrid vans. In the long run we will save on repairs and gas.

There is a possibility that the employee rebate may be pricey if everyone takes advantage of it. We can even encourage carpooling by putting up signs in the parking lot giving the car pool team up front parking. Also, have signs in our lot for hybrid parking spots that are also close to our building. It will be positive publicity if our company rewards employees who practice environmentally friendly ways. I need your approval; together we can to increase company moral, gain good public relations with our community, and save long-term on gas. We can practice what we preach. We are Easy to be Green and we can easily achieve this goal.