Pieces of April Essay

Love is the emotional investment that pushes people to their limits. This is demonstrated in the film “Pieces of April”, when our protagonist April is pushed to do something for the sake of love, even though she dreaded every moment of it. She tries to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for her and her family with hopes to be reunited after years of negligence. Although she tries to conceal her exhilaration it is clear and obvious that she is eager for her family’s arrival. Her attempt at cooking a meal for her family and going through so much difficulty is not so literal.

It represents the notion of how love can push people into doing impetuous things. The deficient love of a girl for her family can make her do so much. The relationship between April and her mother, Joy, resemble the relationship of Tiffany Chan and her mother from the short story “Of Kin and Kind”. Both the mother and daughter relationship is very rigid and tense. Tiffany claims that her and her mother may be of the same blood but they are anything but alike, by declaring “We were kin, but less than kind”.

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This quote can also reflect April’s view on her and her mother’s relationship. We all believe that our similarities brings us close and our difference separates us without knowing that the only thing still holding our ties is the love we have for each other. That love is what makes us forget the conflicts and disagreements we may have and reminds us that no matter how different we are, we learn to accept and love each other. Bobby, April’s boyfriend, also illustrates how love can give people unbelievable strength and make them overlook the concept of possible.

He claims his mother lifted the car to save his life after they had been in an accident. He carries his belief and shows what a person can accomplish if they carry love within themselves, “When you have love you do things you never thought you could. She had a moment of unbelievable strength because she had love”. The power of love is very strong. It can reconcile the broken relationship of a family and give you the strength to do the impossible, but only if you embrace it.