Pluto or Neptune Essay

Dr. Derik Johnson is extremely acclaimed for his cognition and research in natural philosophies. He has done a batch of research on the force of gravity. and has a really conclusive impression in his head that if sun’s gravitative pull is so great that it can oblige a system of 9 planets to revolve around itself. so objects on Earth. which is comparatively really near to the Sun as compared to Pluto or Neptune. should besides fall towards Sun. and non down towards the Centre of the planet. He defies Newtonian theory on gravitative pull.

Old ages of concentrated research on this impression. enable him to do a device. which can change by reversal the gravitative pull on any object. His joy does non cognize any bounds. on this accomplishment. This is a device. which has a level surface and which can be held in 1s manus. Once the level surface is made to confront the Sun for 5 proceedingss. it gathers adequate energy to alter the gravitative field moving on any organic structure. So. if he points this device to a individual walking on route. it would look to him as if. the individual is acquiring carried upwards. To a common individual. this device appears as if it is a circular mirror of 5 inches diameter. and nil else.

Dr. Derik’s close friend John Mathew. is a astute man of affairs with acute sense of concern chances. It was because of this sense of turning inventions into concern. that he was a really affluent adult male today. As a close friend. he discusses Dr. Derik discusses his innovation with John. who perceives a mammoth concern chance in this device. Now. dozenss and dozenss of burden can be lifted upwards. with this little device! ! ! ! !

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No excess energy no excess attempts! ! ! His shrewd concern head tells him that Cranes and raising devices could be a thing of yesteryear. if this innovation could be turned into a working. marketable merchandise. Both work together. endlessly. to convey out a commercially feasible merchandise. which can do any object move upward. merely by indicating towards it. This merchandise creates as storm in the market. and becomes an straight-out success. It becomes a minting machine for this couple. This tally for coining money through this merchandise. did non last long. Barely within a few months of its being. studies of varied abuse of the merchandise started fluxing in and doing headlines in the intelligence channels and documents.

While it proved really good to the industry which had existent clip applications. it became a nuisance for others. Mrs. Alice. the caput of an NGO. filed a jurisprudence suit against this company. on behalf of a immature miss. Edwina. It so happened that a male child analyzing with Edwina was frantically in love with her. and wanted to get married her. Edwina was in no temper to hold to his proposal. and had been rejecting this male child systematically. So. this male child. uses this device. to hit a little cartridge holder. with her walking above the surface of the Earth. Since she was have oning a skirt at that clip. the camera was able to hit her private parts besides. This was evidently really abashing to Edwina.

Her MMS cartridge holder started go arounding around the campus. so the town and so to the whole universe through the cyberspace. Edwina reported this instance to Mrs. Alice. who was really disquieted at cognizing her narrative. She approached the tribunals. and filed a jurisprudence suit against the makers. demanding a really heavy punishment in favour of Edwina. and immediate backdown of all the merchandises from the market. and shuting down the fabrication unit. The tribunal. decides to retreat all the merchandises from the market. pay heavy compensation to Edwina. but does non order shuting down of the fabrication unit. Alternatively. it issues an order

that the merchandise could be marketed to genuine clients merely. who have to obtain a licence to purchase this merchandise. The tribunal besides orders Dr. Derik to improvize the design in such a manner that merely a individual with really high proficient accomplishments can utilize it. ( Beloved client: the resemblances are as follows: Dr. Derik – Dr. Frankenstein. the merchandise – the monster. Edwina- William who was the victim. John- Henry. and Mrs. Alice- Elizabeth ) . Mention: 1 ) Victor Frankenstein. Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia. retrieved on 5 january 2008 from: & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Victor_Frankenstein & gt ;