Possessing The Secret Of Joy Four Men Essay

Possessing The Secret Of Joy: Four Work force To Find A Cure Essay, Research Paper

Four Work force to Find a Remedy

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The four chief work forces in Possessing the Secret of Joy have functions that contradict a stereotyped male ; they are the remedy to Tashi & # 8217 ; s felicity. Alice Walker gives Adam, Mzee, Pierre, and Benny functions that show a softer side to work forces. These four work forces are really different from each other but they do hold some resemblance of each other. These work forces who were all really devotedly attached to Tashi took attention of her and ne’er gave up on her. Alternatively of lead oning and being faineant, these four work forces were really sympathetic. The work forces tend to typify and stand for different facets of Tashi & # 8217 ; s life.

Tashi & # 8217 ; s hubby Adam symbolized love. He was the lone lover of Tashi that we read about. He cared for her and watched over her even when he did non hold control over her. Adam may non hold been loyal to Evelyn, but he loved her and took attention of her. He knew the existent Tashi that many people ne’er saw. He was loyal to Tashi, but after the Circumcision he would hardly of all time see her. He was more of a great friend than a good hubby was. He lets her know that he loves her several times in the book. At their matrimony he cuts the same lines in his face as Tashi had to stand for the Olinkans. He goes with her to Mzee & # 8217 ; s house in Switzerland while she is cured. He besides dreams about her and her support, like when she used to state, “ But what is it? ” when she was happy. Adam, Olivia & # 8217 ; s brother, was make bolding at bosom. He and Tashi used to travel the Fieldss to hold sex that was considered really forbidden. His wise mans were Lisette and Pierre. He learned from them. He was in love with Lisette. She was the contrast to Tashi. She was the antonym of her. Adam likely would hold instead lived in France with her, but he stood by Tashi to give her love and fondness. Adam was non a bad cat at all. He helped Tashi through the old ages and was ever at that place whenever she needed person. It was unjust of him to be rip offing on Tashi with Lisette, and Tashi resented him for that. He was ever honest with Tashi though. Adam, like many of the other work forces in this book, was non a awful individual. He was good at bosom. He stood by Tashi and gave her love, a house, household, and every bit much felicity as he could. He loved her as a friend but he wasn & # 8217 ; t really helpful in the household facet. Without his love and support, Tashi would non hold made it about every bit far as she did.

Mzee represented a remedy and was like a fatherlike figure to Tashi. Mzee was Tashi & # 8217 ; s healer. He ne’er got down to the job though. He let her sickness remedy itself. It wasn & # 8217 ; t until Raye, the female healer, that Tashi & # 8217 ; s issue was brought out into the unfastened to discourse. Mzee protected Tashi. He wanted her to acquire better. He didn & # 8217 ; Ts like to see her hurting, but because he was a male, he didn & # 8217 ; t discourse Circumcision and her female jobs. He was an old adult male who reminded me of a enchantress physician. His pattern was really different than anyone & # 8217 ; s, but Tashi trusted him and allow him assist her recover. Tashi and Adam went to Mzee & # 8217 ; s house in Switzerland where he played a cartridge holder from one of his trips. For yearss Tashi drew the poulet and the pes that was in the film. She made several diagrams and ended up painting a immense 1 on the wall. She passed out for yearss. Mzee had unlocked a door in the dorsum of her caput that let out bad memories that she had non thought about in old ages. While they were there she went sailing. Possibly this was one of the lone times Evelyn was genuinely happy and basking herself. She was invigorated by the experience. Mzee was like a fatherlike figure that watched over her as a household member would. He gave her inconsequential love, no affair how much harm

she caused merely like Adam had. He was really wise and had a good occupation. Just like the other work forces in the narrative, he was a good individual who helped remedy Tashi.

Pierre symbolized instruction and friendly relationship. Pierre was Adam and Lisettes boy. Tashi resented him because of that. Pierre wanted so much to hold Tashi love him or at least like him. At first Tashi did non even want to give him a opportunity. When Pierre pulled up to Tashi & # 8217 ; s house, she hailed him with a heap of rocks. Alternatively of crushing her, shouting at her, or non forgiving her, he gives her a 2nd opportunity. He was improbably smart, and he even goes to an Ivy League college near to Adam and Tashi & # 8217 ; s house. At first Tashi looks at him as her hubby and kept womans boy. He is the antonym of her boy. He comes to her inquiring for love and she doesn & # 8217 ; t freely give it to him. After a piece, she comes to wish Pierre and perchance even love him. They become confidantes to each other. He besides was really near to Adam. Adam was the male parent that was non ever at that place, but Pierre didn & # 8217 ; Ts take discourtesy to that. When he became closer to Tashi, he would read her transitions of texts that he had read. He would besides state he stories. He wanted he to be included in his life when Lisette died. Even though Tashi didn & # 8217 ; t want to give him a opportunity, he ne’er gave up. He showed her true friendly relationship and venerated her. He taught her things that she knew and showed her different ways to look at the material she already knew. Even though he allow us cognize that he was bisexual, his position as a mom did non alteration, and he even gained regard for being honest with himself. He helped Tashi & # 8217 ; s last old ages become more gratifying than they had antecedently been.

Benny, Adam and Tashi & # 8217 ; s boy symbolized memories and artlessness. Benny was mentally handicapped. I was led to believe this because he likely had birth distortions. His encephalon or caput may hold been bruised during gestation. He was really loyal to Tashi. After Olivia, he became Tashi & # 8217 ; s best friend. He doesn & # 8217 ; t retrieve anything good so he carried around a diary that he wrote in all the clip to enter things that happened or things person said. He records memories in order to retrieve things that have happened, as opposed to Tashi who puts memories in the dorsum of her head in order to bury about them. He looked up to Tashi. She was a strong individual to him. He was like a small child who was ne’er excessively proud to larn or seek to larn. He was besides really funny about life and hereafter. He knew his female parent more than anyone. When she was in gaol he noticed person different from the female parent he normally confronted. “ I liked the individual my female parent was in prison. She was warm and comfy, as if she were an wholly different individual than the driven, glowering female parent I & # 8217 ; vitamin D ever known ” . He besides remarks on how he has ne’er forgotten that Tashi is his female parent. He besides shows Tashi unconditioned love. Tashi looked at him like her true boy who was a true friend to her, and would take attention of her if she of all time needed aid.

These four work forces represented different parts of Tashi & # 8217 ; s life. They showed her love, which was one of the remedies to her. Without them she could non hold lasted about every bit long as she did. They are strong characters that show a female true love and friendly relationship through all times, non like other males in some of the narratives such as “ Everyday Use ” , Foxfire, and “ The xanthous Wallpaper ” . Alice Walker wrote a book about a adult female fighting and her life as a female in a folk, America, and in a tribunal without socking males in the interim. Walker doesn & # 8217 ; t fault work forces for Tashi holding a unsmooth life. Adam, Mzee, Pierre, and Benny are all sympathetic characters whose intent is to salvage and rectify their beloved Tashi.