President John F Kennedy Essay

As America was emerging from its recession some of the states largest steel companies decided to raise steel monetary values by 3. 5 per centum. This caught President John F Kennedy’s attending since he had repeatedly called for stable monetary values and rewards as portion of a plan of national forfeit during a period of economic hurt. Kennedy called for a intelligence conference in which he addressed certain things. He discussed and described how some steel companies raised monetary values due to their chase of private power and net incomes. If all steel companies took this action into full affect it would’ve made the cost of houses. cars. contraptions and etc. extensively high. Besides it would’ve increased the cost of machinery and tools to all American husbandmans and man of affairs. The president used rhetorical schemes such as tone. enunciation. ethos and poignancy.

Kennedy used such a tone in the intelligence conference so he could carry the people to give in his words. His tone was persuasive and logical. For illustration. “ inquiring brotherhood members to keep down their pay petitions. at a clip when restraint and forfeit are being asked of every citizen” which mean the president was seeking to carry the people to non inquire for their wage since the state is traveling through unsmooth times and he knew it was hard for the American people. Besides. “If this rise in the cost of steel is imitated by the remainder of the industry. alternatively of rescinded. it would increase the cost of places. cars. appliances” and “It would increase the cost of machinery and tools to every American man of affairs and husbandman. ”

He was seeking to give illustrations as of what would’ve happened if all steel companies followed the minority in which were taking such actions. Last but non least. “It would add. Secretary McNamara informed me this forenoon. an estimated one billion dollars to the cost of our defences. at a clip when every dollar is needed for national security and other intents. ” As you can see this would’ve corrupt and belly-up authorities because they would pass more money on steel when it would be needed in other topographic points. These were all persuasive and logical statements used as enunciation against the companies and public.

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The President spoke in an informal enunciation because throughout the intelligence conference he was really unagitated and went directly to the point. As he was talking he merely merely implied what would go on and what needed to be done. For illustration. ” In short. at a clip when they could be researching how more efficiency and better monetary values could be obtained. cut downing monetary values in this industry in acknowledgment of lower costs. their remarkably good labour contract. their foreign competition and their addition in production and net incomes which are coming this twelvemonth. a few mammoth corporations have decided to increase monetary values in pitiless neglect of their public duties. In decision. the president used these rhetorical schemes to acquire his chief point across and to depict what the steel companies were making.