Principles of public Speaking Essay

Course Name: Principles of public Speaking

Assignment # 6

Title: Why censoring the usage of cell phones while driving should be compulsory countrywide? ( With alterations )

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General Purpose: Persuade

Specific Purpose: Carry my audience that censoring the usage of cell phones while driving should be compulsory countrywide

Cardinal thought: Lawgivers should go through a statute law censoring the usage of cell phone while driving countrywide

I. Introduction:

A: Cell phones are as common in the market today as a carpus ticker on your arm. Every one has one including the really immature every bit good as the utmost aged. Peoples are invariably speaking. texting. playing games or surfing on the cyberspace on their cell phones. These devices are harmless until persons decided to acquire behing the wheel and thrust. Therefore. the authorities should go through statute law to censor cell phone use while driving countrywide.

Bacillus: See that one twenty-four hours you get a phone call from person stating you that there was an accident and your kid is dead because a individual utilizing their cell phone was non paying attending to the route. Would you be devasted? I certainly would. im certain you believe that it would ne’er go on to you. but do you desire to take that hazard? how many more people have to decease before you even consider the prohibition on cell phones while driving? Harmonizing to
the NHTSB. texting is 6 times more unsafe than driving intoxicated. Finally. texting is non a adolescent –only job with 47 % of grownups acknowledging to texting while driving

Degree centigrades:

II. Body of the presentation:

Distracted drive is an epidemic

Lawgivers should move responsibly and enact steps of how to forestall guiltless citizens from being a victim to these accidents. Im certain at that place. s more that can be done sing this issue.

As a consequence of this epidemic. some provinces have aready implemented Torahs in order to turn to this issue. Today. my mission will be to convert you to do a pledge and halt utilizing cell phones while driving.

Distracted drive is going a countrywide epidemic

Harmonizing to the AAA foundation for traffic safety. distracted driving contributes to up to 8. 000 clangs every individual twenty-four hours and the Numberss are mounting unless something is done about it.

Many of the cell phones being manufactured today have the capableness of executing multiple undertaking. So what go on when you hear your phone ring or bombilation indicating that you have a nessage? The sum of times it takes merely to admit that you have a message is adequate to do a serious accident and sometimes fatal.

C. This epidemic has got to the point where lawgivers need to earnestly see how to halt accidents

1. Several provinces have already pass Torahs curtailing text message while driving and many require drivers to utilize hands-free
devices while speaking on the phones. since cell phone become more low-cost. there has been an addition in cell phones use while driving.

2. Statistic from a study in 2009 showed that 56 % adolescents admit to speaking on their cell phone behind the wheel while 13 % admit to texting while driving. ( Car Accident Cell ) These Numberss could be low because the statistic were base on information that was provided voluntary.


In today society our engineering is more advanced than of all time earlier. So far advanced is our society. that we can easy utilize cell phones to talk to anyone. anyplace and at any clip. For illustration. we can ues cell phones while driving. or talk to person in another state. We can utilize them in the concern universe to carry on meetings or trust critical information to colleagues or behavior trade with other concerns. Cell phones are use to schedule appointmen. facsimile. electronic mail. call for aid. study exigencies. and maintain in contact with love 1s and friends. Driving while utilizing a cell phone is really common and turn out a major menace to people. s lives on the route. Cell phone must be banned while driving.