Prometheus Bound Essay

In the drama “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus. it states thoughts about the construct of power through force. The drama trades with struggle between force and intelligence which realates to the chief construct of power and force. At the beginning of the drama. Hephaestus is joined by Kratos. who represents power. and Bia. stand foring force. Heaphaestus ironss Prometheus while Kratos abuses him and Bia stays silent throughtout the enchaintment. While Hephaestus has sympathy for Prometheus. Kratos reminds him that this is Zeus’ penalty for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to mankind.

When Prometheus tried to utilize his intelligence to assist humanity by giving them the gift of fire. Zeus responds by utilizing his force to penalize Prometheus. Throughout the drama. Prometheus cognition makes it clear that without him. Zeus will fall by a power greater than his ain. For this ground. Force can be an advantage than cognition. but it can non stay indefinitely without it. On pg 1 ( lines 4-11 ) . it says “Ordained thee by the Father-to enchain this criminal on yon mountain crags… . . and look into his charity for adult male.

This is important because Prrometheus stole fire from the Gods and Zeus. all powerful. punishes Prometheus by directing his helpers. Kratos ( power ) and Bia ( force ) with Hephaestus to enchain Prometheus to a mountain. Therefore. Zeus has the power and control over the other Gods and immortals. Second. on pg. 43 ( lines 12-16 ) continued on pg. 44 ( lines 1-3 ) it says “No rack nor pillory can do Zeus devise to travel or do manifest these things… . non therefore will he consrain my lingua to state By whose manus he from tyranny shall fall.

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This is important because Prometheus has the cognition about the overthrow of power of Zeus. For this ground. cognition or force beats power. Prometheus is a powerless immortal and victim of an unfair powerful God. Zeus. who regulations by demands and Torahs. In this struggle. the thought that force requires thought and counsel to prolong it. Therefore. Aeschylus is saying that a declaration between cognition and force can work together to avoid devastation. Prometheus cognition. signifies that the thought that thought must be sustained. In this instance. his opinion will salvage Zeus but his resistance to Zeus leads on the way to declaration.