Propaganda shining on him making the public

Propaganda was a way of getting in through to the pubic using posters, billboards, and films. The Nazis used propaganda to make Hitler look good in the eye of the public by showing pictures of him on stages giving speeches with the light shining on him making the public believe that Hitler would give them a sense of direction. At the time Germany was having problems with paying for war reparations.

In total, Germany needed to pay over $60 billion in damages, today it would be over $760 billion. Germany’s first reparations payment was due in August of 1921, but they didn’t have nearly enough money to make the first payment. So germany’s solitons was too began printing deutschmarks (Germany’s currency). This solution created a number of problems in Germany. The value of the deutschmark plummeted, and Germany’s economy began to suffer. Only a few German people accepted that they lost the war. The German High Command put the blame on socialists, communists and Jews for not supporting the war. The defeat of Germany in the First World War had a big impact on Hitler’s views. Before hitler was the leader of Germany, Hitler was a soldier and like other soldiers he didn’t want to accept the the german empire losing. Many German nationalists and conservatives thought that Germany hadn’t lost the war on the battlefield but due to betrayal from within, by a ‘stab in the back’. Socialists, communists and in particularly Jews were the ones who got the finger pointed at them. even though more than 100,000 German and Austrian Jews had served in the war and 12,000 had been killed.and the Jews were blamed.

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            The nazis preswared the public with many different methods of propaganda There were different  audiences for Nazi propaganda. Germans were reminded of the struggle against foreign enemies and Jews trying to take away opportunities from Germans. Germans created propaganda to make it seem like what they were doing to jews wasn’t so bad, I recently watched a movie called the boy in the striped pajamas with my class, the movie is about a german boy who becomes friends with a jewish boy when he moves to different house that’s near a concentration camp, the German boys dad is apart of the german military and in one of the senses in the  the germans showing people a fake film about what’s going on in the camps, the film shows a german concentration camp were there seems to be happy jewish going to cafes within the camp and doing other fun activities but in reality that was not the case. Propaganda also encouraged a since of trust between the german citizens and the nazis making the citizens believe that what they would see in short films and posters was the truth. I believe that if it wasn’t for nazi propaganda, World War II wouldn’t have been as dramatic of an event because the german citizens would have seen what awful things were really going on behind the scenes, but since they didn’t know what was really going on about 2 out of 3 jewish people living in europe died

Hitler and the nazis thought of other people as different races, Hitler and the Nazis believed that human beings could be classified collectively as “races,” with each race having characteristics for example he saw jews as a race with characteristics like, selfish big nosed dark haired people, instead of seeing them as any other people on earth. Nazis saw the Jewish religion as  irrelevant. The Nazi official Alfred Rosenberg believed that the Nordic race was descended from Proto-Aryans who he believed had prehistorically dwelt on the North German Plain which is absolutely crazy. The Nazis declared that Nordics were superior to all other races. The Nazis believed they were entitled to expand which meant try to take parts of europe the they felt was there’s. The actual policy that was implemented by the Nazis resulted in the Aryan certificate the one form of the official document that was required by the law for all citizens, this was basically a way to make sure a person is who they say they are.