Pros And Cons Of Treating Leukemia Biology Essay

Background information: Leukemia is a disease that has been impacting society these yearss. About 119,280 new instances are being found out this twelvemonth. Leukemia is a blood malignant neoplastic disease holding to make with leucocytes, or as better known white blood cells, that take over the bone marrow and spread throughout the blood watercourse in our organic structure. White blood cells exist in our organic structure to protect it against diseases and infections.

There are five types of white blood cells that go through the blood to the site of infection. These cells are grouped into two groups: Granulocytes and Agranulocytes. Granulocytes are a class of white blood cells characterized by the presence of granules in their cytol.

Neutrophils are granulocyte and are the most common White Blood Cell ( WBC ) in the organic structure. It ‘s the first one to demo up to consume bacteriums, virus atoms, Fungis, and Protozoa. Eosinophils have a bilobed karyon and uniform-sized cytosplamic granule. They moderate allergic reactions and support against parasitic worm infestations. Basophilis is besides a Granulocyte and the smallest of the three. They discharge their granules incorporating histamine and Lipo-Hepin into damaged tissue infinites to advance redness and blood flow to damaged countries.

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Agranulocytes deficiencies granules in their cytol. The two types of granulocytes are as follow: Monocytes which travel through the blood for a twenty-four hours before even bing. The migrating monocytes are large feeders and they develop into macrophages and phagocytose bacteriums dust in the tissue. Lymphocytes are grouped into T cells and B cells. T cells may straight assail foreign and tumour cells. B cells produce antibodies attack foreign cells or proteins. These are the cells that are affected when a individual is diagnosed with leukaemia.

Harmonizing to “ Leukemia is classified by how rapidly it progresses. Acute leukaemia is aggressive and can infest the organic structure within a few hebdomads or months. By contrast, chronic leukaemia is slow-growing and increasingly worsens over old ages. The blood-forming cells of acute leukaemia remain in an immature province, so they reproduce and accumulate really quickly. Therefore, acute leukaemia demands to be treated instantly ; otherwise the disease may be fatal within a few months. Fortunately, some subtypes of acute leukaemia respond really good to available therapies and they are curable. Children frequently develop acute signifiers of leukaemia, which are managed otherwise from leukaemia in grownups. ”

Chronic Leukemia is distinguished by the inordinate physique up of comparatively mature, but still unnatural, white blood cells. Normally it takes months or old ages to come on ; the cells produce at a faster rate than normal cells, ensuing in many unnatural white blood cells in the blood. Chronic leukaemia largely occurs in older people, but can besides happen in any age group. There is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia that frequently occurs to adult older than the age of 55. There is besides Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia that occurs chiefly in grownups and a really few sum of kids develop the disease.

“ Acute lymphocytic leukaemia is the most common type of leukaemia in immature kids. This disease besides affects grownups, particularly at age 65 and older. This type of Leukemia is a malignant neoplastic disease of the white blood cells, characterized by the overrun and uninterrupted generation of malignant and immature white blood in the bone marrow. It is a haematological malignance. ” ( Pakhare 2004 )

The Bone Marrow is a “ soft extremely vascular modified connective tissue that occupies the pits and cancellate portion of most castanetss and occurs in two signifiers: a: a milky or xanthous bone marrow dwelling chiefly of fat cells and ruling in the pits of the long bones-called besides xanthous marrow B: a ruddy bone marrow incorporating small fat, being the main place of ruddy blood cell and blood granulocyte formation, and happening in the normal grownup merely in cancellate tissue particularly in certain level bones-called besides red marrow ” ( Merriam-Webster Dictionary. )

When a Bone Marrow starts to bring forth abnormally white blood cells, it is called leukaemia. When the white blood cells are being produced in a huge sum and at a fast rate, it starts to banquet on the red blood cells hence go forthing the organic structure with out any blood. Blood is what keeps the human organic structure alive. It carries the O through our whole organic structure. There three ways to handle leukaemia and that is Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Bone Marrow Transplants.

Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill the malignant neoplastic disease cells. These drugs can be given intravenously, orally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly ( injected into musculus ) , or intrathecally. But the chemotherapy intervention varies since there are different types of leukaemia and non merely does it kill the malignant neoplastic disease cells but it besides kills other cells.

Radiation therapy plants by damaging the familial stuff ( DNA ) within cells, which prevents the cellsA from turning and reproducing.A Although the radiation therapy is directed at malignant neoplastic disease cells, healthy cells near the malignant neoplastic disease cells may besides be damaged. However, a end of radiation therapy is to protect the healthy cells every bit much as possible, so that the benefit ( destructing the malignant neoplastic disease cells ) outweighs the riskA ( harming healthy cells ) . ( The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2009 )

Bone Marrow graft replaces the morbid bone marrow with a healthier one. “ Bone marrow organ transplant is accomplished by the endovenous disposal of bone marrow or root cells capable of reproducing themselves and repopulating an empty or faulty bone marrow. Often, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy are required prior to the disposal of the root cells in order to eliminate the staying faulty bone marrow. For patients with malignant neoplastic disease, the chemotherapy and radiation therapy besides are effectual at handling the malignant neoplastic disease. ” ( Cutler 2005 )

But what are the positive and negative results of these interventions? Although Chemotherapy does pull off to kill most cancerous cell it besides comes with some side-effects. For illustration sickness, purging, hair loss, weariness, anaemia, oral cavity sores, gustatory sensation and odor alterations, infection, diarrhoea, climacteric, and sterility. The side-effects of Radiation Therapy intervention are similar to the 1s of Chemotherapy. A bone marrow may non be successful because of disease return or regimen-related toxicity. Regimen-related toxicity refers to side effects that patients may see during the class of organ transplant. These side effects include graft-vs-host disease ( GvHD ) , graft rejection, bacterial infections, fungous infections, viral infections, GI and hepatic complications, neurologic complications, pneumonic complications, and late effects after root cell graft.

Although these interventions can assist people with leukaemia it can besides kill them. It might kill cancerous cells but it besides kills other good cells.