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To: The City


A report on the survey about the public opinion on the spending of public


The aim of this report is to show the
data collected from the survey that was given to the residents of our city
regarding what will be the best spending of public money, given the coice of a
leasure center, a children’s playground and a new public library. The residents
are divided into three age groups: eighteen to twenty-five, twenty-five to
thirty, and the last being fifty and above.

Sixty-four percent of residents above
the age of fifty think that the money is best spent on a leasure center, one to
be constructed in the city center for maximum convinience.  Another thirty percent are of the opinion
that the money should go to building a library, while only six percent believe
that it shoud be used for the construction of a kid’s playground in the city park.

With residents in the twenty-five to
fifty range, an overwhelming amount (eighty-nine percent) consider the
construction of a new library of immense importance, while only eleven opted
for the playground, with no one voting for the leasure center. It should be
noted that this is the age range in which most people have young and teenaged

In the eighteen to twenty-four years
range fourty percent of the residents consider a new library of importance.
Another fourty think that a leasure center shoud be constructed in the city
park, while only twenty percent think that a platgorund should be built.

It should be noted that residents
above the age of fifty make up about fourty percent of the population of the
town, while the other two groups make the other sixty.

In conclusion, due to the
overwhelming amount of residents supporting the money going towards a new
library, the best course of action maybe to: A – build a brand new library
building, or B – use the money to refurbish and expand the already existing
one, modernizing it and making it more accessible.