Rafael affecting millions in today’s working society.

A. Martinez Rodriguez


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Nutritional Planning and Management

Prof. Brooke Benton



            Patient John is 45year old working
man it is very likely that he could easily fall into the habit schedule of
unhealthy eating including fast food, high calorie snacks among other things.
This problem is affecting millions in today’s working society. As for his wife
and kids they all must play a role in a healthier lifestyle for everyone in
which way John might become part of it. As a parent, John and his wife should
keep in mind that their children could follow John’s unhealthy lifestyle
therefore some changes must occur, so the children won’t fall in the same
category as their dad.

            It is their responsibilities as
parents to make healthy eating choices fun for the children, so they will enjoy
not only eating healthy but also preparing healthy foods. These are a few ways
to make cooking fun and educational: cutting vegetables into shapes or adding
cheese to certain food items. It is amazing how simple ideas could change the
way children and unhealthy parents see the food choices. John ought to invest
time with his family when it comes to preparing the food would change the
lifestyle and the way he sees food items. This may be a god opportunity for
John to be introduced into a new choice that are cleaner, healthier, and much
satisfying, helping achieve healthy weight.

            Due to Johns continuous work load he
tends to sit on his desk and not perform any kind of exercise. His current
measurements are: height is 5’10”; weight is 255lb. Studies have shown that
John’s calorie distribution fat is 30 %, protein 20 %, and carbohydrates 50 %.
Well-known the current data is replicated by only present age, weight and
height. The healthy assortment for John’s height and age is 129lb – 173lb. I
completed the report using My Plate, while using this dietary intake report it
allows user to make healthier choices and compare the unhealthy choices that
such person might be in now. It is my recommendation that John consumes oatmeal
with sliced apples for breakfast, John needs to stay as far away from the consumption
of energy drinks and soda, John needs to drink more water during the day.
Second, for lunch and dinner, John will consume fewer calories and John will
implement healthy snacks, such as yogurts, fruits and vegetables. As noted
previously Johns weight is 255lb and height is 5’10” this places John well
above the range and he is overweight. John’s BMI is currently at 36.7% which is
not at a healthy percentage, it must be around 18.5% – 25%.

            John is at elevated risk for chronic
disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke
and even certain types of cancer, it is imperative that John should start
considering changing is diet to lose the appropriate weight. Furthermore, John
needs drink plenty of water throughout the day. When John start making healthier
food choices and controlling substantially his portions adding exercise John
will be reduce the risks of disease and promoting a healthy weight loss.  The dietary changes I would recommend for
John are:

his calorie intake; lowering refined sugars and sodium; more protein; include
more water intake; exercise; eliminate soda and energy drinks; and add
healthier snacks choices. 




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