RAM(pronounced stored permanently without the human intervention

RAM(pronounced as ramm) which abbreviated as Random Access memory, which is a type of memory that can be accessed. That is, without touching preceding bytes any byte can be accessed. In servers, PCs, tablets, Smartphones and other devices such as printers, etc.There are two formats of memory. The storage of memory stored temporarily known as volatile memory. The volatile memory called primary memory. The storage of memory stored permanently without the human intervention known as non-volatile memory. The non-volatile memory called as Secondary memory.I want to share my view of RAM and what happens in there.For example, you opened a game. Initially, it is in secondary memory.It is transferred to primary memory by the processor for accessing and processing the data. Because it takes much time read from secondary storage.What happens in primary memory?The data in primary memory is converted into machine code sent to the processor and then it is processed. The output is given.How the RAM plays a role in your buffering of video in daily life?We will take a live example asHaving less RAM, 4G speed and more RAM, 4G speed.Two people will connect internet with 4G speed and watch HD movie online. One with less RAM and other with more RAM. Let us assume less RAM as 1GB and more RAM as 2GB.First, the data downloaded into the RAM then it is displayed to you. The person with less RAM is watching a movie. The data is being downloaded to your RAM as the person having less RAM the incoming data has to wait until the previous data is cleared from the RAM. It takes time to process it. It causes buffering. So, the person with more RAM enjoys without buffering because the data will be downloading and deleting in the background.And there is another thing you have to know which is games that they need more ram as they use more stunning graphics and complex user interface. Every one like to play games the games need high ram to give user best experience.In today’s world, highest RAM in a phone would be 6GB and likely to increase in the future. It is best to have a minimum of 3GB or 4GB RAM with many features of the phone.So, more RAM can make more applications run at the same time without hanging, which the device becomes faster.