Report on the outcomes/results of the project Essay

Report on the outcomes/results of the project

            After I met with the client regarding her comments on my outputs, a sense of accomplishment has overwhelmed me because I knew that I did well in executing the phases in the performance consulting project. I knew from the start that the projected results of the project will immensely improve the quality of teaching and at the same time contribute to the refinement of my client’s academic integrity. In fact, I have mentioned in my opening statement during the presentation that my recommendations will significantly bridge in the performance gap of the client’s institution.

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            Prior to the meeting with the client, I was uncertain of whether I could be able to effectively deal with my client regarding all the information and recommendations that I have included, in which majority of it was dealt with my client’ personal affairs. But eventually, I overcame this hesitation phase because I have been instructed that I should be honest and that I should accomplish all the requirements needed in every phase of the performance consulting (Block, 1999). Because of this, I motivated myself to be as honest as possible and also to assist my clients to meet their needs.

            Moreover, for me the most beneficial outcome of this project, aside from the fact that I was able to present a comprehensive view of the situation to the client and also recommended several recommendations on how to resolve the performance issue, was the fact that I was able to improve my skills and I have realized my utmost potential in this field. More specifically, I have discovered how to properly collect information in various ways, how to interact with clients in an authoritative and straightforward manner and how to conduct successful consulting projects.

            Overall, I believe that            engaging in a challenging project had facilitated my better understanding on the area of performance consulting. Also, the success of the project boosted my confidence as well as my competence as a worker.

Lessons Learned: If I did this over again, what would I do differently/

Do the same?

                The project that I spearheaded on performance consulting was able to successfully meet its goals and objective. During the feedback meeting with the client, I knew that the client appreciated the recap report that I have made because the data helped the client in understanding the general picture of the situation. Though the client was apprehensive at first, she eventually cave in to the idea that by implementing the recommendations, she and her organization can reduce and even eliminate the current performance gap of the institution.         Moreover, I would like to emphasize the several lessons I have learned on the project and how this was able to help me personally. During the entire duration of the project, I was able to learn the value of communicating authentically and effectively with clients. I knew from the beginning of the project that I will be learning how to be assertive particularly by saying ‘no’ to clients if I deemed that their suggestions are not logical and impractical. More so, I have developed skills on how to handle a project successfully. I was able to productively conduct meetings, make contracts, collate data using various methodologies, evaluate data and influence the client to be open-minded regarding my recommendations. .

                Through this course and the project on performance consulting, I have gained a tremendous amount of useful information and at the same time valuable experiences. Also, I have discovered some skills that I did not know I had it in me. Some these skills were the ability to listen, to investigate and to ask thought-provoking questions. Since the success of a project is dependent on accurate data and productive skills, I will definitely use these essential elements if I will be given the chance to do the performance project all over again.

                In conclusion, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout the entire course. At first, I thought that performance consulting was mere giving of advice. But as I underwent the process, I have realized that there is more to it than I initially expected. I have learned that performance consulting is an interactive relationship between a company and their clients. This business affiliation is intended to advance the objectives of the clients and at the same time enhance the employees’ ability to flawlessly carry out their tasks and respective job functions.